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  1. To all who have signed up for this match: Due to low attendance, we have decided to cancel the match for this year. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. Refunds will be sent out this week. Thanks, Ken
  2. Due to the CMMG Range becoming an off-road park, we are changing the venue to the Lead Farm Range outside Versailles, MO. The dates of the match will go to a two day format on the 27th-28th of September. There are still slots open for this match. Please check our website for updates and list of hotels. www.amateur3gunnationals.com Thanks, Ken
  3. Folks, We had a rifle donated by Colt that did not make it in by the time of the match so we were not able to put it on the prize table. We have decided to do a random drawing of all competitors to give it away and the winner is John Tesch. Congratulations John! Thanks, Ken
  4. Dillen is has done a great job on the stages and I appriciate his help as I am working in FL now and Larry is busy running his gun store. I am also excited to have a fresh take on the COF's. It will be a great match! Ken
  5. We still have slots available for this match. Please visit our website for entry forms and info: www.midwest3gun.com Thanks, Ken
  6. Folks, We have changed the date to June 6-8 to allow everyone to be able to get hotel rooms. See new thread. Registration is open and we are accepting entries. Thanks, Ken
  7. Due to a conflict with University of Missouri graduation and hotel rooms, we are going to change the date of the match to June 6-8, 2014. Entry form enclosed. Please visit our website for more info. www.midwest3gun.com. Allow us a few days to refresh with new date. Thanks, Ken 2014 Midwest 3-Gun Entry.doc
  8. I need tech help as well. Can someone change the Midwest 3 Gun Championships from May 16-18 to June 6-8. 2014? Thanks in advance. Ken
  9. US Amateur and Junior National Championships. Sept.26-28. 2014. www.amateurnationals.com Ken
  10. We are please to announce the dates for the 9th Annual 2014 Midwest 3 Gun Championships sponsored by Brownell's. The match will be held May 16-18, 2014 at the Midwest 3 Gun Range outside Fayette, MO. The 2013 match was a success and we look forward to another great match in 2014. Please visit our website: midwest3gun.com for updates and more info. Entry form enclosed. Thanks, Ken 2014 Midwest 3-Gun Entry.doc
  11. April Texas multigun - April 11-14 May May 10-11, 2014 - He-Man National 3-Gun Championship - NRA Whittington Center, Raton, NM - Registration open May 16 - Shotgun only match, Colorado Springs, CO, more details coming. May 16-18 Midwest 3 Gun Championships, Fayette, MO (http://www.midwest3gun.com) August August 5-10, 2014 - Rocky Mountain 3-Gun World Championship (http://www.rm3g.com/) - NRA Whittington Center, Raton, NM - Registration for US citizens opens end of October August 13-16, 2014 - Crimson Trace Midnight 3 Gun - Bend, OR August 29-31 - Noveske Area 2 Multi-Gun Championship - Colorado Rifle Club, Byers, CO September September 18-20 - FNH Multi-Gun Championship - Peacemaker Range, Glengary, WV September 26-28 Brownells US Amateur and Junior National Championships, Fayette, MO (http://www.amateur3gunnationals.com)
  12. We are pleased to announce the dates for the 2014 Brownells US 3 Gun Amateur and Junior National Championships which will be held September 26-28, 2014. Out side Fayette, MO. We will again use the Lewis Class format of scoring which was hugely popular at the 2013 match. We are working to get Pro shooters to come and RO and shoot in their own class for bragging rights and a nice trophy. Having Kurt Miller, Trapr Swanson and Tim Ubl at the 2013 match as RO's was a huge success. We will also be holding a 3 gun clinic on Thursday the 25th in the afternoon for anyone looking to get some great instruction from Pro shooters before the match. Please visit our website: www.amateur3gunnationals.com for more info. Entry form enclosed. Thanks, Ken 2014 Amateur Nationals Entry.doc
  13. Randy, who are you talking about? If it is Kurt Miller, he is coming to RO the match. Also, if you remember, there were no 3 Gun Nation Pros at the 2013 Midwest Match. Ken
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