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  1. larry weeks

    Best 3-Gun Bag?

    +1 for the Brownells. I've been using mine for 8 years and it still looks new. Zippers all work, no wear holes, never had a gun damaged. I've put the bag inside a hard case for flying and shipping via UPS, never any damage. PLUS, they carry Brownells lifetime guarantee. If something does fail, return it for a new one. Yes, expensive but worth it to me.
  2. larry weeks

    I need a belt for 3 gun

    You can usually unbolt the tech loc from the accessory and put the ELS hook on. Really is the best way to go for 3-gun in my opinion. Once I get the belt on, I don't like taking it off so swapping accessories with the belt on fits my needs. Bit expensive but really works great. If you're going to keep the tech loc, I'd get the CR Speed. I used one for several years and it stood up very well. Inner belt is the loop Velcro so it doesn't catch on car seats, clothes etc. I've seen shooters add stick-on hook Velcro to the backs of the tech locs, that keeps a lot of contact. With pistol mags, shotgun caddies, a holster and a rifle mag pouch there will be very little Velcro contact on something like a CR Speed. You'll want extra wrap around "clamps" if you don't add Velcro. Before the ELS, I ran one in front and one in back and it still felt like my belt was going to fall off at any second.
  3. larry weeks

    1x optic for 3 gun

    If you're shooting at 200-400 yards any dot bigger than 1 moa is a problem, it covers the target. Just switched from an EOTech to the JP JPoint with the 1 moa dot and 65 minute circle. Still not sure. I hit 265 yd Larues at SMM3G, missed the 220 yard targets from the bench (stage (?). Have to check to make sure the sight didn't move, if not, I know for sure it was me (most likely). Only problem with the JPoint is getting it adjusted. Still has the pistol sight system - 1/4" at 20 yds. Just takes a tiny bit to move a lot at 300. Be patient and go slow and you can get it.
  4. Years ago, Jerry Miculek told me the lightest recoiling gun he'd ever built had one of the old JP Aluminum carriers. But, that it didn't just seem to wear out, when the gun quit running, it just quit. Replaced the carrier and away it went. You have to think of those as RACE
  5. larry weeks

    6.8spl Magazines

    Don't really know, just kept getting double feeds and sometimes failure to feed.
  6. larry weeks

    6.8spl Magazines

    Haven't done a lot of testing but I've used standard AR .223 mags in my 6.8 spc and they run fine. I've used one 30 (only loaded 10 rounds) and one 5-round. I have the PRI mags and they work fine. First 6.8 was a buddy's, he had one PRI and three c-products. All of the c-products crapped on me at Rocky Mountain (several years ago) so I used the PRI after that.
  7. Just to throw another variable in, the drop and cast of the stock can also affect poa/poi. Before Kurt had his gauge available I spent hours on a pattern board, tried all the buttstock spacers and finally added and modified stuff until I was really close. Then I took the barrel out to the telephone pole at the end of the driveway and whanged it, twice, lightly. Gun fits me like a glove and shoots where I point it. If I had it to do over again, I'd ask the Hills to do the Kurt gauge thing, then mess with the stock.
  8. larry weeks

    Which Eotech or other Holo sight?

    Been shooting the J-Point 1 minute dot/65 minute circle. Like it a lot. Shot it at Gen III Gun and had my best % ever. Shot EOTechs for years, only problem I had was the dot seemed to vary in intensity. Might have been my head position but I kept having to turn it up or down. Plus, it's heavy and bulky. Love the J-Point. Only problem was the adjustments are set up for big dots at 20 yards. Once I learned to just turn the screw a tiny bit, I got it sighted-in fairly easily.
  9. larry weeks

    BCM KMR or Ap Customs Ultra light

    My AP screws worked loose. I added blue loctite, problem solved. I like the original, simple, easy.
  10. larry weeks

    AR 15 stock?....

    The M4 style all move. The Ace is noce and light. If you want adjustability that ends up solid, look at the Luth AR stock. Very adjustable, with cheekpiece and more.
  11. talk to AP custom. They have keymod or mlock on their rails and a soft insert that should be just what you're looking for. Just talked to them about it at Gen III this weekend.
  12. larry weeks

    3gun Limited Optic choices

    Just used the new JP J-Point with 65 min. circle and 1 minute dot. Worked great, took a bunch of weight off my gun compared to the EOTech I was using. Sits low so I took the cheekpiece off the stock and saved a bit there. Worked fine. I messed up my sight picture on the 275 - 300+ targets at Gen III and was too old and slow so I ran out of time on the 385 target but the sight worked great. Dot didn't "flare", stayed sharp. Only complaint is the adjustments are still for the close range pistol sight so zeroing at 300 yds. takes some very, very small movements of the allen head screws. Just had to be patient and move them very little.
  13. larry weeks

    Side-charging uppers

    My JP works just fine. Been very happy with it. Non-reciprocating and I'm using the Low Mass carrier.
  14. larry weeks

    Tacky Recoil Pad

    Pachmayr used to (might still) make a spray to slick up the pad. Their SC (?) series pads have a hard insert on the toe to prevent the pad from grabbing as you bring the gun to your shoulder. Hadn't thought of the Armorall trick, ought to do the job.
  15. larry weeks

    New to 3Gun: Thinking about an M2

    Don't forget Triangle Shooting Sports to modify your gun. Benny has been doing this a long time. Love my Benny Benelli. As far as "kick", fit the stock to YOU and you won't have kick. I've run 100 rounds through mine shooting trap with no soreness, but my gun fits me.