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  1. I typically do the same with my MPX. BUT, CDNN has 10 round Gen 1 MPX mags for $14.99 ea. So I just ordered 5 to give this method a try. Perhaps being 30 rounds lighter will make a difference.
  2. Admittedly it’s not easy. I got lucky when they first came out. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. Nice. The best feeling trigger I've ever tried is the Elf line of triggers - 3-Gun and Match specifically. A local 3-gunner was sponsored by them for a brief time so several of us local shooters tried out his trigger in his gun, and really liked it. But nearly all of us experience problems with Elf triggers in our AR's. That's when I went to Hyperfire and I haven't looked back. It's NEARLY as good from a feel perspective in my book. Using the silver springs, everyone I've ever seen or spoken to get's a 2ish lb. pull...or less in your case.
  4. According to my sources in SIG, the gas system is unchanged, but the bolt carrier and recoil system is changed slightly. The new carrier has a pivoting op rod which should reduce carrier contact with the upper, as well as some improvements so the charging handle won't drag on the lower receiver which only caused cosmetic issues but was a point of contention for users. The new bolt carrier/recoil system is fully compatible with gen 2 receivers, gen 2 barrels, and gen 2 magazines so there won’t be an official generational change, just an improvement. -John
  5. Your point is well-made as the Timney will no doubt be better than the original factory MPX trigger. Personally, I'd rather it come without a trigger and a $100.00 lower price tag. Trigger's are an intensely personal thing so no matter which one they choose, there will be discontent. But I suppose the Timney will be a nice backup trigger. I don't know what a "top end" Hyperfire trigger is. But I have the 24c and the newer Competition Trigger (formerly known as the 24c) and both pull in the 2lb. range.
  6. “We’re actually producing the new PCC down on the line right now, and they should begin shipping shortly.” Based on this I’m hoping within the next 30 days. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. Do look at the SIG Romeo 3 - it's quite good.
  8. I'm told I've been added to the list of writers who will get one of the first examples from the first batch that comes out for review. Very interested.
  9. Why oh why did they put a 4.5lb trigger in it when the Hyperfire competition trigger is more like 2lbs. and some change... I'd really like to shoot it to see if that comp makes much of a difference.
  10. THIS. I actually did a detailed review of my Hunter's HD Gold glasses. They're fantastic.
  11. So here's what I'm doing to combat this issue in dryfire. When I start my dryfire, I do about three "warm-ups" where I draw on a target and pull the trigger 6 times. Then I move directly into my dryfire drills. Mentally, I'm telling myself "I've warmed up" and I expect 100% performance from myself after the warm-up. At matches, I do virtually the same thing at the safe table - draw on a target and pull the trigger 6 times as fast as I can, for 3 reps. Again, mentally I'm telling myself I'm warmed up - no excuses. It works pretty well for me.
  12. What is this +10 sorcery of which you speak??
  13. If you watch The video on the product page, Taran puts a magazine with his base pad in the USPSA “box” and it fits perfectly. I just got mine really like them.
  14. I'm trying to spread the word on a couple of Facebook Groups...
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