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  1. Contacted SLR and found they make them but are currently out of stock.
  2. I just picked up a SLR 16.5" ultra-lite keymod rail. I've been seeing some really sharp looking carbon fiber covers and was wondering who made them and where I can find them. Thanks
  3. I am using one with a 18" light-weight jp barrel and it balances out ok for me. I would prefer a little more cheek weld but it clearly has more than the ace or a standard a2 stock. For what it's worth, I really like the carbon fiber look.
  4. I was wondering if anyone has done any head to head comparision to the 16" JP light contour. Prices are pretty close when you consider getting the bolt with the JP. Is the intermediate gas the real deal breaker all else being equal.
  5. To those of you whom have built on side charging uppers, I see some are reciprocating vs non, what are some pros and cons. I see there are several different designs, (crosshill technologies, gibbz, spartan,mega). Looks like a rather cool idea, just looking to someone who may have some experience to share. thanks
  6. Has anyone tried out the POF triggers? How do they rate amongst other drop-in type triggers? I currently have the geissle SSA and was wondering if this was an upgrade?
  7. I've been looking for an adjustable gas block and pretty much use the advise of the knowledge shared on this forum as my "go to". The SLR sentry 7 appears to have a good following and would most likely fit under a noveske nsr rail, but has anyone tried the wilson combat version. They both appear to adjust from the front , which would be my preference.
  8. I am using the lancer carbon fiber stock. Solid, comfortable (good cheek weld) and extremely light. Can't remember the length offhand. Not too expensive either.
  9. Thank you for that info before I bothered to break those screws loose. Upon closer examination of the retention system I can see what you mean.
  10. Thank you, That was pretty much the way I remember it. I believe I will attempt to loosen and reinstall.
  11. A quick question for those of you who may have installed a troy rail. I purchased a new barrel nut and 13" Troy rail from my LGS and went home to install it. Well either the barrel nut or rail was a bit out of spec and the rail would not fit over the barrel nut. I probably could have forced it but decided that if I damaged them I could not return them so I took them back. The guys at the LGS were very obliging and offered to install it for me so I agreed. I have used this rail before and remember it fit flush with my upper receiver. Their installation left a 1/32" to 1/16" gap which annoys the heck out of me. I assume I could break the screws loose (locktited blue I think) and attempt to close the gap and retighten. Has anyone else used this rail and had the same issue?
  12. I am running an 18" JP lw barrel with rifle gas, JP full mass carrier with a JP captured spring set-up and a non-adjustable gas block. Would I benefit much from an adjustable gas system? If so, changing out a gas key clearly would be easier than the gas block route, all other things being equal.
  13. I may be mistaken but I think I saw a "spikes" titanium carrier somewhere that looked almost identical.
  14. I am currently building a 3gun AR and can't help but notice the interest generated by lighter and lighter bcg's. I am using a JP 18" lw barrel w/ bolt,spikes dyna break, troy low profile gas block , JP full mass carrier with JP captured spring. I just ordered a lancer carbon fiber stock and rifle length extension tube to take advantage of a rifle length system. I am somewhat rethinking the lightweight carrier and an adjustable gas block to maximize the system. I know JP is the "man" it seems when talking lightweight carriers although it appears there are others out there. I found this company quite by accident and wondered if anyone else had tried or heard of them. http://www.toolcraftinc.com I appreciate all comments or suggestions. I have to admit their price for a titanium carrier is tempting just to try it.
  15. I wasn't even aware there was a low mass system for .308.
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