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  1. TTI have just released their own magwell for the M&P which I presume will be compatible with their mag extensions.
  2. Look at their full selection and they have the same 4.25” model with 3 mags and night sites for $399.
  3. This. I took my SP01 bladetech holster and gently heated the bottom part and shoved the pistol with bull shadow upper in until it was properly seated and it was done. Works great!
  4. As an example the QC10 GSF is listed as prohibited in Canada. However there are the QC5 and CLT lowers that are not listed. QC10 uppers are PCC specific and can be argued are not AR uppers....
  5. 10lb Wollf variable rate recoil spring with 15lb or 17lb mainspring. Mick
  6. Don’t eyeball your gas block installation. Mic the distance from the barrel shoulder to the start of the gas port. Now mic the distance from the back of the gas block to the start of the gas hole. You will more than likely have a 0.02-0.03” difference. Use a feeler guague up against the barrel shoulder to ensure correct offset. Another trick is to cut the end of a toothpick and drop it into the gas block hole (make sure your gas metering screw is all the way out). Position the barrel with the gas port facing down then slip the gas block on upside down. Turn the assembly right side up and look down the bore. Wiggle the gas block around. When the holes are aligned the toothpick will drop from the gas block into the barrel. Tighten gas block. The toothpick piece should fall out of the barrel, if not use a rod to push it out. All done and gas block will be perfectly aligned. Mick
  7. MickB

    Stretch 15

    How are the gas port sizes on these? Adjustable gas block needed? Mick
  8. The sweat off Kurt Miller’s brow! ? Mick
  9. Shield SIS... https://www.brownells.com/optics-mounting/electronic-sights/red-dot-sights/sis-center-dot-red-dot-sight-prod82465.aspx Regards, Mick
  10. Low Pro hand stop is the smallest I have seen and are perfect for short barrel applications https://www.lowprollc.com/product/
  11. I load to 1.15" and have no issues... Mick
  12. Just use Independence 5.56... Mick
  13. Contact QC10 and see if they will help by swapping the set. The QC10 lowers I have are all tight with their uppers. Mick
  14. I load to 1.15" with 124gr Precision Delta fmj with no issues in a Ballistic Advantage barrel. Mick
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