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  1. GT is glock talk. Sorry they have their website screwed up was just trying to pass on a deal that i saw in another place to you fine folks.
  2. Guy over on GT posted this link with the FART on sale for 99.97 if anyone is looking for one.. https://www.cabelas.com/product/PLATINUM-SERIES-ROTARY-TUMBLER-L/1811194.uts?slotId=2
  3. I appreciate all the responses and thoughts. I thought I would write to let you know how things turned out. I sat down and read all the responses and looked at my priorities and goals. I decided to hold the money for the edge in a CD for this season and continue to shoot L-10 with my 45. This will let me work on the game and decide if I really am suited for this game. As well as, do I have time with the other shooting I do (Bullseye, HP, BR, etc) Thanks all.
  4. I shoot bullseye and subscribe to the Bullseye-L list. There is a gentleman on that list, Dr Norman Wong, he is an optrician and has written numerous articles about the eyes and pistol shooting for accuracy. The articles can be found here. There is a lot of good info for those of who need glasses and shoot.
  5. This discussion on another forum has some good tips for the powder measure. Dillon Powder Measure tips
  6. What program generated this data, if you don't mind me asking.
  7. I thank everyone for there input. The comments have helped me and I called Dawson Precision the other day and had a lengthy conversation with them on the Edge, which was very enlightening. I will be buying the Edge and the necessary equipment (Mags, Mag carriers, belt, holster, etc). So in the future you can all expect some newb questions on how to make things work in the best way. Bob
  8. Well, part of the reason I was thinking of either of the two mentioned pistols was really magazine capacity. I kind of feel at a disadvantage with the 10 round magazines,but as I think about some of the comments in this thread that really isn't true as I would be in L-10 and anyone shooting a Glock or similar capacity capability shooting in L-10 is restricted the same as I am. That being said it sure would be nice to not have to do reloads as often, say a 36 round course I have to make 3 reloads if I hit everything correctly, where with one of the high cap guns it is 2 reloads. I guess what I am trying to say that it is an economy of motion thing IMO, as well as one less chance to boble a reload and blow my time. That is why I am looking at the two particular guns. Yes there is a huge weight difference as well as differences in the trigger and general feel of the guns. My thinking here was that if I picked a Glock, I have not been shooting the game long enough to make it too difficult to learn to control a Glock. If I picked the STI I am already used to shooting a 45 so the STI would be real easy to learn.
  9. I appreciate the input and that is what I was hoping to hear that dry fire is more important. I have decided to hold off on the purchase of a pistol till after the end of next season. My thinking is this. 1. Get some work done on the Springfield 45 - Trigger job, adjustable sights. 2. Practice all winter long 3. Shoot the 45 next season and try to become more comfortable with the game. Then next year at this time by an STI if needed. Does that make any sense? All this way just to come to stick with what you have.
  10. This discussion has been great and is helping me in making the decision a great deal. I would like to thank you all for that. Let me add this into the mix. The ranges around here do not allow drawing from a holster and movement when shooting unless it is during a match, so the only time I get to do the full action is when I shoot the local club matches. In my area of Wisconsin that amounts to 8 - 16 matches available per year within an hour and a half drive. On a weekly basis I get to the range once or twice for live fire and the rest of the time is dry fire. In your opinion would the STI be advisable with this amount of training/practice. I know you have to practice as much as possible and I do, but I am also split between 2 shooting disciplines and have to practice for both, thus the practice time is cut in half. After I go and shoot a Glock next Friday I will know if that platform even works for me, so I guess until then it really doesn't pay to make up my mind. Thanks y'all for the help clearing my muddled head. Bob.
  11. I am going to get as close as I can to that. The nearest range that rents is 45 minutes away, they have the Glock but of course no STI.
  12. The mods I would be thinking of are 3.5 lb disconnector and replace the trigger and guide rod. Do these mods make the gun less reliable? I would also replace the sights. Now a mag 19 rounds would be fine with me as it would still mean less reloads than the 10 rounders for the 45. I think I understand what you mean here. Basically it sounds like you are saying that the STI can do more in shooting than the Glock can. In other words the Glock will work but its limits are reached sooner or easier.
  13. I have truly not decided on which one of the two to purchase, but from reading the replies I am getting the idea that both are equally capable. Money is not an issue. Yes I believe that this will only be used for limited, ... but open does look fun . I used my 45 to jump in and find out if I liked practical shooting, and I do. With shooting Bullseye I have discovered that you need to buy the best equipment you can afford so that the thought that problems are do to the equipment are negated. I bought a Rock River Arms Bullseye Wadcutter for that sport to alleviate the issue there and I am looking to do kinda the same thing here. This is an initial thought that crossed my mind as well. I used the same approach in Bullseye, which is why I have 3 45's currently. So I was kinda hoping to not go that route again, but it does make a lot of sense to buy the Glock and spend the rest of the money to buy reloading supplies for the .40. I am really not worried about looking cool, I am more concerned with shooting well.
  14. That sums it up pretty well... How deep are your pockets? Keep in mind that it's not just the gun but the cost of extra magazines as well. You can get extra Glock mags for $15-20 + another $35 for Dawson or Arredondo 140mm mag extender. Total cost = $50-55 per 20 rd mag. (And you will want a few of those things) Or you could simply buy a handful of 10rounders, invest in ammo and shoot in L-10 with your Springfield. I have no problem paying the 2500 - 3000 for the STI and mags. I already have 5 10 round mags for the springfield and have been shooting in L-10. The STI from Dawson was the way I was going to go until some of the Glock shooters suggested the G35. Aside from the STI being the same format that I am already used to, it also has a much better resale value if I for some reason decide not to shoot this game latter. I guess the other question is .40 or .45. From watching other shooters it appears the .40 is the better option, although I have been having a blast with the 45. My observation goes something like this: 1. The shooters doing the best (winning) are using 38 super. 2. Next in line are the .40 S&W or 9mm shooters. These guys win more often and will almost always win when the 38 supers are not present. 3. Next are those like me using the 45
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