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  1. I saw a JP5 article in the USPSA magazine September/October page 58. I'm wondering which coating process and which color palette was used? It appears to have some metallic flakes in the royal blue.
  2. Has anyone used the Hasgrok Feedinator 1000 with rollsizer? I can't find any reviews of the Feedinator. I would like to run rollsizer at full speed unattended. I'd like to walk around the house doing other chores and check back in once every 15minutes or so. The Feedinator advertises anti-jam feature that auto reverses case feeder plate. Perhaps I should ask this in a separate post focusing on Feedinator feedback.
  3. CHA-LEE, Can you give some details about the roller bearings for rollsizer? I see your bolts are zink plated, different from original. Did you use a larger bolt and turn it down on a lath? McMaster Carr's roller barrings smallest bore diameter is 0.5inch which is much larger than OEM bolt shafts.
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