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  1. For USPSA Prod. I run a G17 RTF2 and that is stock except for the Ghost 3.5 lb. connector. In IDPA SSP, I use a stock Gen4 G19, even with stock sights.
  2. I have an 11-87 and an 870. The 11-87 has a +5 Choate tube and the 870 has a +3 Choate tube. I can put the +5 tube on the 870, but not the +3 on the 11-87. The 11-87 threads don't seem to match with the short tube and I can only turn it down one rotation before it stops. Has anybody seen or heard of this before?
  3. This is a superb looking gun! I especially like that triggerguard work. Did you finish it with something besides sandpaper? Did you polish it with the Dremel?
  4. You would not believe how many guys I've talked to that are now SOOO happy the dumped the Lee and got a Dillon. be I believe it. Lee was my first loader and quickly went to Dillon once I talked to more experienced loaders.
  5. Glad I happened on this thread. I have been out of shooting for about 10 years and wanted to start back up with a Glock. I was going to add a FO fs, since that seems to be the thing to do nowadays, but think I'll hold off now and "sharpie" the white on the stock Glock sights... I used to have a .100 fs w/ Bomar rears on my .45s. May have to take a file to my plastic Glock fs. Anybody have suggestions for a good set of replacement sights for a G17? I'd like a skinny fs like my old .45. I have to use bifocals to read now and my sights are blurry w/o the upper part of my glasses.
  6. Has anybody used this product or anybody have feedback on this? Any USPSA users of this for pistol or any from Practical Rifle users? Please make a comment on what you like/don't like, durability, or support from the manufacturer? Thanks.
  7. HOLY crap! That took 4 pages! The XDm 9 should be way up there. I'm trying to justify a want of a gun for which I have no need. So if more people tell me that the XDM is the greatest thing since smokeless powder, I just might have to get one. Okay, it is the hottest thing since sliced bread if you want to have to buy a new holster, and magazine pouches too. Seriously, it is cool, but it isn’t all that. I think the XDm comes w/ holster and mag pouch in the case.
  8. As long as the participants understand that the sanctioned matches may not allow their gear, this is a great and practical answer.
  9. I have been out of IPSC for some years now and thinking of getting back in with a G19 2G. Does anybody have a suggestion on better sight system for a G19? Does fiber optic make it any better? I used to use a 1911 w/ .110 front sight.
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