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  1. norcalplinker

    Atlas titan or atlas nemesis???

    I have a nemesis and a older model edge (with steel grip) .. the balance and fit and finish are a giant leap between the two.
  2. norcalplinker

    Finally did it - Atlas Gunworks

    Just put down a deposit on my nemesis from atlas, post when you get yours! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. norcalplinker

    12 lb Recoil Spring for .40 Edge

    Wolf 12 # 169 power factor in my edge runs fine Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. norcalplinker

    Tanfo Tuning...

    Shot about 100 rounds each bill drill speed with mag changes, the only issue I had was 2 failures to feed on my stock 2 because I just switched to a 8# recoil spring, so went back to 10# on it and no issues, 8# in my stock 3 was good to go. Thinking since my stock 2 is so new it could just be that the slide rails need to settle in or maybe polish a bit.
  5. norcalplinker

    Tanfo Tuning...

    Just wanted to say the 13# pf is popping the cci's in both the stock 3 and stock 2. Triggers feel great with no stacking thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. norcalplinker

    gsi bullet feeder on xl650

    Answered my own question, filed down the ramp now it's good to go. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. So I just got my gsi bullet feeder setup and the bullet feeder advance ramp seems to really grind against the xl650's shellplate base... does this just get better as it wears or did you have to do some filing and buffing?
  8. norcalplinker

    Tanfo Tuning...

    Yes read that a lot, I'll check that as well at the range.
  9. norcalplinker

    Tanfo Tuning...

    Ok got the 13# pd springs in both my stock 3 and stock 2, going to test them out tomorrow. The pencil test shows about the same as the old 13# wolf spring but they are both consistent on height , will update tomorrow.
  10. norcalplinker

    Tanfo Tuning...

    Yes I have a henning extended FP and just tonight I clipped the light wolf FP spring 3 coils, pencil test didn't really net a huge change I'm running a 13# wolf hammer spring. I didn't really have any problems prior to running the extreme sear + bolo + titan hammer but I can't imaging those causing this issue. I have the 13# PD springs and I'm hoping that sets the cci's off again. I have been running cci's only in these guns since I got them but running low and have a bunch of S&B's but even less confident in those going pop... thanks for the help!
  11. norcalplinker

    Tanfo Tuning...

    I've been having some problems with cci primers recently. I have a stock iii with: titan hammer extreme sear bolo wolf 8# recoil and light FP spring (henning FP) 13# hammer spring and now get some light strikes on first DA strike subsequent SA strikes pop them. Just not sure what might be happening. I have 13# and 14# PD hammer springs on order and if the stacking is not an issue I'll just go with 14# PD but I really like the pull of the #13 extreme hammer spring I have. Is it that the 13 is just worn out. Only have like 3000 round on this spring. also the 10# PD spring in my stock II doesn't pop cci so why I ordered the 13 and 14#
  12. norcalplinker

    FTF on next to last round.

    I've been having the same issue, seems that the feed lips get a bit stretched out. I squeezed mine just a tad tighter using my small bench vise and that has helped but I'm wondering if anyone has a more permanent fix as they do stretch out after a few sessions\matches