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  1. Hi, can I get on the waitlist for 1 box of 9 standard cp, and 1 box of 9 major cp?
  2. Agree with this, all three you mentioned are reliable striker fired guns with very different grip feels. The legion will be the heaviest so potentially the least perceived recoil, and you can get a *thumb rest [generic]*. Glocks are widely used with huge aftermarket. The p10 is fairly new and competing against the well established DA/SA shadow and shadow 2 but it has great ergonomics and you can stuff weights into the backstrap and the stock mag holds 19 without an extended basepad. Personally, I have a p10f and like it, but I still had my shadow 2 milled and am using that in CO now (was already shooting shadow 1/2 in production).
  3. I also tried the flat trigger and found it a bit too far of a reach in DA. That was causing me to have a lot more side pressure during my trigger pull giving me a lot more side to side wobble in the sight picture. Since getting the trigger cut down (the smooth one on the left in the photo) I can now pull the trigger straight back so that side to side wobble is eliminated, and the trigger pull just feels much more comfortable for my size hands.
  4. Tapping the frame would also let you have a thumb rest if you want one in limited even if you don’t do a frame mount optic in open.
  5. Not specifically, but they’ve had a nice trend of sales this year, Shot show, St Patrick’s Day, April Stimulus check, Memorial Day...
  6. If you decide to buy a Honcho, waiting for the next sale might be a good way to get a free barrel or two.
  7. I do bullets forward for my first three pouches (more comfortable) and then bullets out for the last two (more comfortable reaching farther around and more space)
  8. Agreed...also, if you do offer up your timer, be ready to clear par times and adjust sensitivity if needed...don’t want a par time beep going off while shooting a stage or picking up shots from another bay.
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