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  1. You are confusing the mainspring with the sear spring. The mainspring has nothing to do with reset.
  2. Better do it quick because both those guns are being discontinued by STI.
  3. Might want to check your measurements again. I have never seen an STI frame that measured 0.109. They are all between 0.112 and 0.114.
  4. Before you start reaming I would check to see if you are getting primer flow. Overpressure rounds cause primer flow back into the firing pin hole which gets packed into the hole and causes light primer strikes and sticking firing pins. Run a pipe cleaner through the hole and see if you have metal chips on the pipe cleaner afterwards.
  5. You will have to shorten the slide or the comp about 0.020 inch depending on the setup. I would recommend cutting the slide because you will need to cut about 1/2 degree angle to allow for lockup in any case. You will need 0.003 to 0.005 inch clearance between the comp and the slide when you get done.
  6. We align ream and crown them also on the ones we cut from blanks.
  7. The Trubor blanks are rifled (bore diameter) through the entire comp section so they definitely need to be align reamed at some point. We do it after machining and before they leave the shop but it never hurts to check it just in case.
  8. They do have the shorter 9mm follower. You can try it out but I would not recommend it. It would be better with a 38 super follower.
  9. You will need the 0.375 x 60 degree cutter to do it right. Smaller dovetails often don't cut the entire 0.187 depth needed and if you use a smaller dovetail you will end up with a flat across the cut instead of a radius. Dovetails are properly measured theoretical point to theoretical point. You have to use a set of pins and calculate the measurement to do it properly. Once you chamfer the edges and don't have a point and the measurement will be smaller.The edges are rounded to help with fitting and to knock any burrs off. The instructions are current, very detailed, and if followed to the letter will result in a very nice, clean installation. Carbide cutters are expensive but do a much better job.
  10. I have not run into one that it didn't work on. If it makes you nervous you can always send it back to STI for warranty.
  11. Sounds like the head of the recoilmaster is turned a little the wrong way and pressing against the barrel. You are on the right track with pressing the top front of the slide against the workbench. Instead of just pressing hard hold it steady with your left hand and hit it with the web of your right hand to push it down. If you get it to move a little jiggle the barrel. This sometimes sets the head back in place. If you can get it to move far enough remove the slide stop and start over with assembly. Both heads on the recoilmaster need to be aligned properly when you assemble to stop this from happening.
  12. Quack - Not the same and easily verifiable with a little research. I cut the hammer and sear angles on every one of these kits. The sear spring has also been tuned and I actually put it in a 2011 to test it for tension. Every gun is a little different so you may have to adjust the sear spring a little but it should be close. The sear and hammer hooks are cut to what I have found to be the middle of the tolerances for most guns from doing thousands of trigger jobs. This makes them pretty forgiving. The one thing to check is thumb safety engagement - because the hammer and sear angles have changed and you have different parts in the gun you make have to make an adjustment to the thumb safety lug that engages the sear. It can be too tight or too loose.
  13. I have seen this quite a lot lately in the STI 2011's. The top of the trigger bow extends into the magwell when the trigger is fully to the rear. STI should fix it for you but if you want to do it yourself it is a fairly easy fix. You will need a dremel with a small grinder bit with at least a 1 1/2 inch reach. Take the slide off, look down the magwell from the top and pull the trigger to the rear. You will see the trigger bow sticking out - grind off the portion that is sticking out into the magwell. Make sure you clean the grit out after you finish. It takes a little longer but you can also take the grip completely apart and it is easier to get to the trigger bow.
  14. We will be there and set up for both events.
  15. Take a stone to it. You just raised a small burr at the corner. It should not take much.
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