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  1. There were some really great stages at last year's match. I'm really looking forward to shootin with you guys again this year. Nick
  2. I've ordered the B&P slugs directly from the manufacturer. Give em a call. They're nice folks.
  3. JP Enterprises makes a QD socket specifically to attach to their modular handguards. I bought one from them right when they came out a few years ago. It's part number JPHG-SM on this page: http://jprifles.com/ Outstanding quality as with everything else out of JP.
  4. Excellent! I want to get one to build a little 10.5" AR 'pistol' with the Sig arm brace to screw around with at the range.
  5. I shoot a JP CTR-02. And I have the Phase 5 Bolt release lever that's made for side chargers. How on Earth did you guys get it installed on that JP billet lower though? I even bought the Brownells cut-away roll pin punch to install it but don't see how there's enough clearance to get it on there. If you have the secret, please let me know!
  6. I've been looking at these lowers over at AIM lately too. They have a nice clean look. There's not a lot of info out there on them that I've been able to find, so it's good to see a report from you guys on here. Might have to pick one up soon!
  7. Just a BTW to go with your BTW, Jesse. It looks like the caddies that Daniel is using in that picture are a QL/4 and a QL/8 from AP Custom.
  8. I did the same thing when I was putting my TTI extension on a 40 rounder. I thought I was stuck with it, because I couldn't force the extension off enough to push the spring down. Then I did this: bent a little hook in a wire coat hanger. Slipped it down beside the follower as far as I could reach into the mag, hooked the spring, and pulled it back towards the follower. It moved the spring enough that the TTI base pad slid right off. Done. Of course this only made sense after much energy was expended. And of course cussing and beating the mag on things.
  9. I was in the market for an extra long case recently too after I added an RCI +2 onto my 10 round M2's mag tube. Got lucky and picked up a Brownells 3-Gun Competition Case (54" size) off the prize table at the Generation III Gun match. It's a fantastic case, and couldn't have come at a better time! Traveling to and around matches next season will be a little easier with this bag. Definitely give it a look.
  10. Hey guys - It's been good to read what you have to say about the new XTR II. I picked up a certificate on the prize table at the Generation III Gun match for $500 off of one of the 1-5s. I wrote a check for the difference and redeemed it for the model with the BDC reticle. I figured that was more my speed. I need to get a mount for it. Seems like it wants a little more eye relief, so I'm looking at the LaRue SPR-E mount like I have on another scope. Are you guys mounting yours a little farther forward?
  11. I believe that the April 12th Gateway 3-Gun match will be held at Brittany Shooting Park near Bunker Hill, IL. I'm also looking forward to seeing the dates for the rest of the monthly matches this year.
  12. The Blue Ridge Mountain 3-Gun Championship: where the sight-in range lets you shoot farther than most major 3-gun matches!
  13. JGC

    Taran Tactical Connector

    That electroless nickel plating on this TTI connector was one of the things that intrigued me about it. I think I just need to order one and see how it works for myself.
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