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  1. Peak Performance is making a good bullet now for PCC. Couple local guys using it with no issues and minimal recoil.
  2. For USPSA 25 yards. I'd rather aim point of impact at further targets and worry about hold overs on closer targets.
  3. I've been considering the Cole Components stock. Check em out
  4. I use a vortex venom on a warne offset mount. Takes about a day of dryfire practice to be proficient in indexing the dot quick. I don't use it often but when I do, I def save some time.
  5. I wouldn't get to deep in it. Find one that looks the coolest to you and forget about it. Like others have said, buffer & load will make the most difference.
  6. I've had my HMR for a year now, great rifle for the money. With factory Hornady ELD-x I'm able to shoot 1/2 moa. Slightly heavy but hasn't been a concern for my use.
  7. My opinion might be a little biased but I've ran thousands of rounds for 3 years now, in all conditions through F1 Firearms rifles without a single malfunction. Not only do I compete with them but throughout the year I hunt with them as well. They've been put through rain, mud, south TX dust storms and everything you can imagine getting carried around a ranch. From my experience they actually run cleaner. Carbon/debris is allowed to blow out instead of being trapped inside. Now as stated above concerning weight, no they are not the lightest. With all the skeletonizing on the 7075 t6 receivers F1 still wanted to retain strength and that's at the cost of thickness/weight. But as mentioned you will save more weight in the barrel and optics than anything else. With that said F1 is offering Proof Research barrels on complete builds for only $375! LMK if you have any questions and I can also send you a 15% discount code ?
  8. I concur, I would play with the buffer weight/buffer spring and BCG weight before anything. The reciprocating mass seems to effect PCCs more than anything. Also try holding the rifle differently and take a few shots at 15-20 yards to see the difference. I know with my configuration holding the gun as tight as possible isn't optimal for close splits.
  9. I use a 6moa Venom on my 22/45. No complaints. Window size has never been a issue, day time bright, easy to change batteries and holds zero. Cant go wrong with it
  10. https://www.instagram.com/p/Blvp2Y-jZG7/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet
  11. Yes you can see straight through but it is not a concern. From a lot of experience with F1s skeletonized receivers, they actually run cleaner. They blow the carbon/debris out instead of trapping it inside allowing it to build up and eventually causing malfunctions. I shoot about 1000 rds every 2 weeks between practice/matches and "might" clean my gun once a month. Its consistently in dusty south TX environments and hasn't failed me once. I use their 556/308 skeletonized guns around the ranch all the time. They ride in the open on 4 wheelers, get laid down in the dirt and abused more then most people would treat a high-end AR. Bottom line if you like the look don't be discouraged from buying one concerned with reliability revolving around the skeletonized receivers. This winter I'll be working on some videos disproving the misconception!
  12. I run a Venom on a Warne offset mount. At locals I might use it once but at majors its def saved me a little time instead of switching shoulders. Generally though the same hard leans I use it for I could probably just use my primary optic and fall out of fault lines. The offset dot just helps to get those alphas! Took me a day of practice to feel confident when I turned the gun the dot would be there. I zeroed the same as my primary so I don't have to think about different hold overs. Good luck
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