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  1. Hello,

    Are they 10 rounds and do you take paypal?


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    2. EmanP


      So it looks like I screwed up in sending it out and it was returned today. I pushed the wrong button on the machine. Took it back to the post office today and get it corrected and it's sent out again. My apologies about the delay. The lady at the Post Office couldn't find the above address though in her system. I'm sure they'll figure it out when it gets to your end.

    3. TimHawkins


      Got the mags today. They will be used this week.



    4. EmanP


      Great! Thanks for letting me know! May they serve you well!

  2. Problem solved. As could be expected the problem was with the user. There are 4 powder bars, extra small, small, large and magnum (extra large). The two shown above are the large with the triangular opening and the magnum under that. He's pretty stubborn and looked at them and filled the bottom one since it looks smaller figuring that the top one (large) would hold even more. He never looked inside it though to find that it's severely cupped in there and holds a shit load more than it looks. He didn't even bother to measure the top one because he thought it would hold more and was too stubborn to check until I went up there. Large is the correct one and easily goes down to under 20.
  3. So I had him remove the large powder bar, get it closed fully and take a picture. He had two types, one of them was older and the other newer. I told him he was crazy, that there is no way that fully screwed down either one would fit 27.5 grains. It looks like it'll go down to 10 grains to me but he swears that he's measured them several times and they only go down to 27.5 grains with H335.
  4. My buddy is starting to load 223 on his 1050 and using H335. Through research he found that he should be about 25 gr for a 55 gr bullet. The problem he's having though is that the small powder bar only goes up to 23.3 grains and the large powder bar only goes down to 27.5 grains so there's almost a 5 grain gap that can't be reached. I suggested that he take the powder bars out and make sure they were going all the way to where they needed to be to which he said he did. I'm thinking that there has to be something wrong here. Dillion would not allow such a thing to happen. Has anyone run into this?
  5. Good to see you're well. Any chance of making some for the SWFA 1-6?
  6. Anyway, whenever I get nervous for what ever the reason (big match, someone watching or whatever) is I just tell myself the same thing. Just do your thing. You already know what to do and how to go it, don't try to do it. Sit back, don't think about it and just do what you already know. I can't do anything more than I'm capable of, it's too late for that and it'll be fine no matter what. I tell me to back off myself and do what comes natural. I take the pressure off myself letting me do whatever it is that I'll do. Sounds silly but it works for me. At that point it's all about your mental game and YOU are interfering with YOU.
  7. We found that to be true. On day one Ben was all proper until he repeatedly watched us bash and make fun of each other and generally run around like little unbehaved kids punching one another. After that it got more relaxed. Then again we weren't beginners and had several years of match experience under our belts. You have to tailor training to the class/student instead of taking the same approach to everyone. To date one of the best classes we've every had and I've taken quite a lot of classes from all over.
  8. I take it no plans for the SWFA 1-6 then?
  9. Yup, I just got my SWFA 1-6 and I could really use one before the season starts up, thanks!
  10. EmanP

    Slide stop lever spring

    Who cares about IDPA, it's not USPSA legal. Thanks for that source WF-WM.
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