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  1. Makes sense. I have not dabbled in those loads as I have used PF as my minimum requirement. Now that you mention it, I think I will try some test loads too see how it feels.
  2. Thanks for bringing this up. I am also looking for suggestions.
  3. Felt recoil may be less using heavier grain bullets such as 147s. It’s generally perceived as less snappy and softer feeling For minimum PF I use 3.2 titegroup with 147s. That’s about 130PF. You may be be able to go down to about 2.9 for even lighter loads that should still cycle most slides.
  4. Keep up the good work and keep practicing. It will pay off. I think I know what club your talking about. If you have time, we shoot USPSA at Paul Bunyan Club every 2nd Sunday. Shouldn’t be too much further depending where your located. Let me know if you need more info on local clubs and matches.
  5. I would go #1 or #2 but honestly if you have chance I would go put your hands on them. It can say a lot to feel them out and test the triggers.
  6. The Taylor Freelance fattie works great. You will need base pads on your factory magazines though. If you don’t currently have a magwell I’m guessing you have flat base magazines. I have a Dawson magwell here I may try it on my RIA. I never thought to see how close it fit. I’ll get back to you.
  7. I vote feed lips as well. If you have a mag that drops free and one that doesn’t, see if you can use a micrometer to see a difference.
  8. How does the gun shoot now? What is it? I would take it and just shoot a few matches and you will know. Sights are great, trigger is helpful, magwell is nice, but practice is huge. Be prepared for 8 round magazines on 28-40 round stages if it’s a 45. Single stack is my favorite class but it can be a pain sometimes. Lots of mags and belt space.
  9. I ran into this exact problem today. Really set me back while I though about my next move. Glad to see the suggestions. Now to incorporate it into my practice.
  10. Use what you have. It will work fine. As you progress you may change your mind but that gun will be good for a learning and figuring out what you like. If you have a good optic and practice regularly you will do fine. Upgrade later if it holds you back.
  11. I’m with you. I started on a loadmaster and a 1000. Traded a gun for a 550. Shortly there after got rid of my Lee equipment and bought another 550 and a SDB. Just sold my SDB and bought a 650. Dillon all the way for me now. After using my buddies hornady loadmaster the other day I reconfirmed my love for dillon.
  12. Love my accushadow. My scorpion is a close second though.
  13. I also run these. I am very happy. Quick shipping, work great, and well priced. Regarding ammo, I haven’t found anything it doesn’t like. I reload almost everything, but everything my other guns don’t like, my CZ doesn’t seem to care. It even ate my funky hollow points that were loaded all the way to mag length.
  14. What setup and gun are you using? Just a hint from when I started a couple years ago...don’t go down the rabbit hole of trying to buy a bunch of good equipment right away. Shoot a few matches and talk to other shooters. Try out there gear and see what you like. Welcome to a very addicting hobby.
  15. 3.2 TG with rainier 147gr TRN or HP bullets. Makes minimum PF every time and shoots reliably in all of 12 of my 9mm Guns.
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