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  1. I've been bringing friends to the range to try and get more females involved in the shooting sports. I took a home video of teaching my friend to shoot for the first time. Is there anything I am missing? Is there anything I need to do differently? I plan to continue getting my friends involved in shooting and would appreciate any pointers.
  2. Now, better shooters have much more refined skills so maybe they can make alternate plans and adjustments without negative results. I shot a stage like this at the match on Sunday without a contingency plan, and went to slide lock 3 times! You'd think I'd learn...
  3. I apologize for asking a question with such an easily found answer. Thank you for your direction.
  4. Is the secondary plan a self-fulfilling prophecy?
  5. How does one go about obtaining/earning a slot for Nationals?
  6. http://benstoeger.com/joomla30/index.php/podcast
  7. I just listened to a podcast about how many shooters have a backup plan in case something goes wrong on a stage. It was mentioned that there are very few people who can actually do this well. Creating a backup plan means that they have to picture where they think they might fail in order to come up with a contingency plan that fits. Could they be setting themselves up for failure in doing so or is just that the thought process of switching plans mid-stage is too complicated to carry out effectively? Or both?
  8. There are a lot of good tips here. I am grateful for the input. I know that I am my own problem, it's just a matter of overcoming it. I'm selfishly glad that I'm not the only one making this an issue.
  9. Equal ability... the shooter who doesn't take a break shoots better. More practice, more conditioning = better results.Tar Is it better to prepare for an event through the day before the event, or do most people take that day off from training?
  10. Get a hand/wrist/forearm massage. Alternate heat and ice. Take Ibuprofen or Aleeve for inflammation/pain.
  11. I only get that way when the people watching me are very high level shooters. It's kinda like when you speak another language, you are fine with speaking it in front of other people who speak English, but not with natives to the language. They are aware of every little tweak that needs to be made and it makes you more self-conscious.
  12. Ive done it... Strangely enough it was easier with my weak hand. Most people use their weak hand for gross motor skills and their strong hand for fine motor skills.
  13. My point was that my hands are big enough to not have to pre-compress the gripper, but I know where your mind is Kita
  14. It's hard to not get bummed out when you put so much effort into something and it doesn't go as planned. Do you think you were overthinking and psyching yourself out because of all the work you put in?
  15. Maybe its a hand size thing, but the close is the hard part for me, I'll try it tonight. You know what they say about small hands...small feet.
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