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  1. how about tail shoes with metal spikes like solomon dpeedspike,
  2. I am planning to use glock 6lb or 6.5 lb fps too, as the 5.5lb has 1/100 light strike (sb primer). factory striker spring too heavy and sometime making the slide out of battery due to light recoile spring
  3. I switched from tg to prima sv due to the price soft recoil and all around for 45 40 9. 3.1 gr sv, 147 coated 1.135
  4. different platform do have index problem. fortunately czc is offering optic cut and sight plate combo for ~200$. one gun is perfect for co and production, will try
  5. settled in 3.2 sv and came back from a local match. it gave me no issues at all and softer recoil do help me a little bit. end up in 9th overall and 2nd in my division.
  6. red dot can definitely help . i was was not able to call shot at all before, and now I can feel it after 2 month using CO on sfx
  7. both shoot well. wst I use 4.3 gr.
  8. got a great deal from gs and need to try it on 9mm. impressive soft recoil and clean burn powder. only thing may concern someone is the “compress load”. when I charge 3.2 gr, and seating 147 to 1.135. the bullet base is barely touch the powder with only 0.01” gap. other then that, no complaints at all. here is the chrono data: the brass is much clean then the TG: and primer pocket looks fine for me,and no over pressure sign will use it as my primary pistol powder, as it is also fit 45 load.
  9. here is the load test graph
  10. using the SV on 9mm, results are promising. feel softer then TG.
  11. just came back from range. the result is better then I thought. soft recoil, feels like WST; clean no residue what so ever. I loaded 3.6, 3.7,3.8, and shot 4rd 25 yd on sandbag, 3.7 and 3.8 give the ~1.5” group, 3.6 give the 5” group, not sure it is me or powder. 230 coated bbi rn bullets, cci lg primer here are the result of speed: 3.6 grain: 705fps, sd 13 3.7 grain: 749fps, sd 7 3.8 grain: 763fps, sd 11
  12. got the great price from g&s, 13$ /1b is steal. however not so much info for the load info. decide to follow eggman’s, from 3.6gr on coated 230 BBI, also 3.6 and 3.7. will go through trojan. will report tomorrow from range
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