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  1. Here's a link to practiscore https://practiscore.com/2019-rockcastle-3-man-3-gun-presented-by-samson-doublestar/register
  2. You can drive to your stages. Carpooling helps a lot at this match plus it looks like it's gonna be a wet one!
  3. Will there be registration, if so what time and where? Heard the shooters meeting is 7 a.m. Tomorrow shooting to commence at 8 a.m.?
  4. Having shot a couple of majors I have to say that this match was ran very smoothly with very few hiccups for the very first year of this event. Kudos to Lisa Marie for pulling this very successful match off I know she had a lot of great and experienced help and a solid support system, but I gotta say guys, ladies are just more organized and detail oriented. Even without Mother Nature's best cooperation for the second day of shooting (I must say as a northern girl it didn't bother me a bit) this match ran more or less on time even with having to set and reset targets due to the high winds. The ROs were awesome and so helpful to all of the newer shooters. I was pleasantly surprised to have squadded into a no drama group of gals of different age groups and shooting levels which made this event even more enjoyable (go squad 2). The only part of the match that could have been better was the venue for the banquet, but had Mother Nature cooperated it wouldn't have been as cramped as utilizing the porch would have been really awesome. Having not been to the Atlanta area since the Olympics had taken place if was neat to see what the Olympic facilities were like and in such a pretty area. Knowing the amount of time, effort and headache it takes to help put on a local 3 gun I can not even imagine the amount of time & effort Lisa Marie and crew put into this event. I just hope that the momentum started by this event continues on and that this match continues for many years to come!!
  5. buckskn1

    P18 for multigun?

    I'm the "buddy". STI's would take allot of material removal on either the magazine or magwell, in MHO too much. The STI mag took me about half an hour to remove, saying it was wedged is an understatement. I did find a roundabout way to get an extra mag. Mecgar manufactures the mags for the new 18-9 customs but will not release any to the public until Para's initial production run is complete. The 20 round Mecgar extended mags for the original 18-9 will work in the 18-9 custom but they are about 1/4 to short because of mag well on the customs. I had a guy I work with cut one of the 20 round 18-9 mags and weld a 1/4 extension onto it. Just got it today and it seems to fit and function really well. Between the welding and the cost of the mag I have about 100 bucks in it..... Its only money, right?
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