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  1. I have the JP and would strongly recommend it. One thing to think about is the availability of service parts for the MPX, SIG has not always been the best when it comes to parts availability and where you are limited on how many guns you can have, you don't want to have one sitting in the safe because you are waiting for parts.
  2. I agree with you on the poker chips if anything make them a optional target. But I think your missing the point of the Star the clays (and poker chips) are worth 15 points, the no shoot is -10 points so a clean hit counts the same as 3 normal targets, a no shoot the breaks the clay will still net you 5 points.
  3. These are from Vitezslav Bures A great shooter from the Czech Republic.
  4. Lucas should call this match "Lucas P.P.C.C. Championship" "Precision Pistol Caliber Carbine" I knew the match was going to be tough but it was a bit more than I expected after hearing about last year. The match was fun and challenging ( 1 part fun 2 parts challenging). The range was top notch and the staff was great. Regarding the No Shoots on the poker chips and the Star with the Clays, the Chips and the Clays were each worth 15 points, the no shoot was -10 so if you shoot it clean its like hitting 3 standard targets (15 points) if you clip the stand/holder while breaking the chip/clay you still net 5 points same as if it was not held by a no shoot.
  5. I shot with Jerry and Kay, they were using a gun that Jerry had only shot one magazine through before the match and they had a lot of problems with the extended magazines.
  6. It looks like Taran and Jade switched to a all day Friday squad. I hope I didn't intimidate them... ? ... Maybe I shouldn't have asked Jade if she wanted to share a room... ?
  7. Oh, I have... Have you seen Jade Struck shoot? That Taran guy is kinda good also, lol...
  8. I have the MBX Mega on a 31 round ETS with zero problems. I also have 5 Glock big sticks, 5 new stock ETS 31s and 3 Magpul 21 rounders. I just ordered a second MBX Mega extension that I was planning on putting on one of the Glock 31 rounders but I'm having second thoughts. The Glock mags swell enough when loaded that they drag on the magwell of my JP GMR-15. The ETS seam to fit smoother.
  9. I'm on squad 31 , for the record I was the one of the first to select this squad. Being new to PCC (2nd Match, 1st match with my JP GMR-15) and not actively shooting many matches for the last 3-4 years. I'm a little bit intimidated by some of the other members of my squad. You are currently in squad 31, with the following shooters: Cesar Mata - Roman Hruska - PCC Grady Stieren - PCC Gunnar An - PCC Chris Workman - PCC Taran Butler - PCC Jade Struck - PCC Ethan Inocando - PCC Petr Vaďura - PCC
  10. Call JP , I have the same issue. They will send you a work order so you can send in the lower and have it fixed. I'm in the middle of a move so I haven't shipped mine off yet but this is what the work order says: "DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE WORK REQUESTED OR ISSUE (BE SPECIFIC): CUT MAG WELL FOR IMPROVED DROP FREE WITH SWOLLEN MAGS" Basically they cut the mag well to spec and didn't allow enough for the swelling of "SOME" factory glock magazines. I say some because 3 of the 5 new 33 round magazines I bought last year work fine.
  11. Check gun broker. I got my GMR15 for a little over $1600 out of Texas...
  12. I think you can build a competitive AR, if you like to tinker and don’t mind have a few hundred tied up in leftover parts that just didn’t work out the best may be for you. But don’t expect to save much money compared to a ready to run JP. I started out with a PSA (Palmetto State Armory) they had on sale for $550. I ran a few hundred rounds of leftover IDPA loads without any issues. I then changed over to Winchester White Box and started upgrading. I put in a hyper-fire 24c (much nicer). I added the excellent billet mag-well from BMiller and changed out the Buffer to the Blitzkrieg and .308 spring (this really improved the dot movement). I ran 500 rounds with this configuration without any malfunctions, I headed to the Area 4 championship (without the JP GMR13 my buddy offer to loan me as a backup). On the first stage my gun developed stage fright and refused to chamber the first round, after “talking it into loading” it ran fine, until the next stage. This continued for the entire match. It turned out that the 308 spring was too stiff (Thanks to Eric for pointing this out). I put the standard spring back in and it ran fine. I then took stock in how much I had spent on this “Budget Build”, how much I spent on the 2 day Area 4 championship match I took it to and how much enjoyment I received from competing with a gun that didn’t want to run. I pulled the upgraded parts off the PSA, sold everything off put $400-500 with it and placed my order for a new JP GMR15.
  13. Problem Resolved: I tried tilting the Magazine as TRUBL suggested and it did not appear to help. Then I pulled out the 308 buffer spring that came with the Blitzkrieg Hydraulic Buffer and put the original PSA spring back in as Eric suggested and the problem was gone. The gun now loads and feeds 100% of the time. I tested the Magpul 21 round as well as the Glock 33 Round magazines fully loaded and it is back to loading flawlessly. I would like to thank everyone that chimed in on this issue the knowledge base on this forum is amazing. I just found out that my JP GMR-15 shipped yesterday so it looks like I get to do the New Gun thing all over again. At least this time I'm not rushing to get it ready for a Major Mach. Brian
  14. Thank you for the input, I will try the Buffer Spring and the Mag Tilt tonight and let you know what I see.
  15. I thought I would give PCC a try so I picked up a PSA Glock Mag Carbine. The gun ran 100% for the first 500 rounds with everything stock. I then changed out the Trigger to a Hyperfire 24C and added the Blitzkrieg Hydraulic Buffer with a JP 308 spring. and bought 5 new Glock 33 round mags and 2 21 round pmags. I ran 500 rounds of Winchester White box 115 gn without a single problem. ( i know this round is hotter then I need but I was trying to keep it simple and get ready for the Area 4 match). So I get to the Match Saturday and on the load and make ready for the first stage jams a round into the top of the barrel and the bolt is not closed all the way. I didn't notice this until the BEEP, A quick mag change and fresh 33 round Glock magazine (downloaded to 31)and I was running. On the next stage I had the same issue (using the Glock Mag that had just worked) but I noticed it on the load and make ready this time the round was jammed nose up and the bolt was 1/2" from closing. This continued on all but 2 initial loads of the weekend. Saturday Night I stripped everything down and cleaned everything very well, Paying a lot of attention to the chamber and Bolt face. Same story on Sunday, so I made sure to lock the bolt back when I pulled the flag out and I dropped the bolt after seating the magazine. I down loaded the 33 rounders to 28 and the Pmag 21s to 18. I made sure the mag was seated and was tight. Nothing helped. I know about the short chamber issue with these barrels but these rounds are not long and they are not making it into the chamber at all. Any suggestions?
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