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  1. mike NM, I think you want the action spring that goes on the outside of the magazine tube. A member of the brianenos forum named ksmirk made some reduced power action springs that you are looking for, PM ksmirk and see if he has anymore of the springs.
  2. I have never had a problem with my Surefire 60 round mag, it is very reliable. The Surefire mags will jam if the ammo is mag length 2.260" OAL. Long range ammo that is mag length (like 77gr bullets) is a no go, they will jam. The Surefire mags run just fine if you keep the ammo under 2.230". I run my 55gr. FMJ ammo in the Surefire 60 round mag 2.220" OAL and have never had a problem. I have never tried the Surefire 100 round mag, but they are built the same as the 60 round mags so I would assume the 100 round mag doesn't like the mag length ammo (2.260") either. I use a 40 round pmag for long range ammo if I need more than 30 rounds with out a mag change that you don't go prone. If a rifle stage is 300 yards and under I would use the Surefire 60 round mag with my 55gr. FMJ ammo that is 2.220" OAL if the stage was a very high round count and I didn't want to do a mag change. So yes the Surefire mags are reliable and do have a use, but not very often.
  3. XRAIL-RCI monotube. It's a very durable one piece tube, no need for barrel clamps.
  4. Gamaliel Shooting Supplies has Remington managed recoil 12ga. 2 3/4" 1oz. 1200 fps in stock.
  5. Wow, that is a pretty good deal on a Versamax Tactical.
  6. I was told that Armalite make their own hand guard. Joe Bob Outfitters sells the Armalite 12" and 15" hand guards. Joe Bob Outfitters is the only place that I have seen them for sale. The Armalite hand guard is very nice and it's very light weight.
  7. The Super Vinci may not be reliable with lighter loads (3 dram 1 1/8 oz.). If your Benelli was a regular Vinci not the Super Vinci I would pick it. The Versa max with a modified loading port, tuned shell stop and a magazine extension tube would be the better choice.
  8. If you are going to use it on your holster get the QLS. I have seen a few people have their holster pop off when they use the ELS for their holster. Most of the time when they had their holster pop off it was going prone. Each time it was a DQ because their pistol was in their holster. I wouldn't recommend the ELS for your holster.
  9. The M4 extractor is a different part number than the M2 so I would say it is slightly different. Midway USA has the Benelli M2 extractor in stock.
  10. Tighten the magazine tube extension nut first, then tighten the magazine tube extension. If you are still having problems, your shells might be hanging up on your Beretta magazine tube. To see if your shells are hanging up on the Beretta magazine tube, install just the Nordic magazine tube extension nut without the spring, follower and extension tube. Look inside of the magazine tube extension nut with a flashlight to see if you can see the edge of your Beretta magazine tube. If you can see the edge of the Beretta magazine tube you might have a bad magazine tube extension nut. You could also try to bevel the inside edge of your Beretta magazine tube, just a small bevel.
  11. WCK

    first build

    JP low mass BCG. A lot of people like the CMC, but I prefer the JP trigger.
  12. If you build one you want to go with very high quality parts. If you are looking to buy a rifle built, an Armalite M15 3GUN 18" would be hard to beat for the price, $1599 I have shot the Armalite M15 3GUN 18", it is a nice rifle with very nice features. It's pretty light for an 18" barrel rifle.
  13. openclassterror, What internal work is needed to make the M3500 reliably run lighter loads?
  14. I read your other post and you said you have a bunch of cheap no name parts, one of these parts might be the problem. Something's to look at are: What type of gas block do you have, is it a clamp on or set screw gas block? What is the outside diameter of your barrel were the gas block attaches? Measure the barrel with a caliper. When you installed your gas block on the barrel, did it slide on tight or was it a loose fit? I suspect you might have a barrel with an undersized outside diameter of where your gas block attaches or you have cheap gas block that doesn't fit tight to your barrel. One other thing to look at is your gas tube, if it is a cheap no name gas tube and the outside diameter is undersized you maybe loosing gas pressure there. Your gas tube might have an undersized outside diameter at either end of the gas tube. If the gas tube doesn't seal well in the carrier gas key you might be loosing gas there. Did your gas tube fit loose in the gas block?
  15. logiztix On your website it said you are low in stock with the plastic forearm retainers. Do you have 3 of plastic forearm retainers in stock? I want to order 3 of them.
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