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  1. Describe the updated toolhead---what is different?
  2. I remember the fl-2000 had a lifetime warranty---check with Dillon. Also, there is a FL-2000 for sale on accurateshooter.com for $135
  3. I have a list of reported bad Winchester lot #-PM me for a copy.
  4. No preferential pre-order pricing is being offered for the RL 1100 ( $2000-2100 depending on cartridge ) Will handle 45-70 --so creedmore & 308 should not be a problem.
  5. You know you want it--- get the 1100--I don't know anyone who has bought an RL 1050 or might buy the new RL 1100 who has said " I wish I'd bought the ( insert sq deal, 450, 500, 650 ) " . For durability; steel beats aluminum . Think of your purchase as an investment because that's what it is.
  6. If loading jacketed boattail bullets for short range 1-300 yds --why bother? You can add a Dillon swage back-up die after the trim station--it will slightly roll the interior case neck burr
  7. I believe a casual survey of commercial reloaders ( which I am not ) would show the Dillon 1050 --hopefully soon 1100 --- provide the best $$ paid/ output provided ratio of the prosumer/light commercial machines. If the rl 1100 is as good as the rl 1050 you will be making a good investment. It won't have the " zing" of a Mark Vii Evolution/Revolution but it should be quickly resalable thanks to the widely known Dillon reputation at a price point that won't break the bank......still waiting to see the RL 1100
  8. I will echo OptimiStick--my recent (Aug- Sept ) Customer service experience with Sydney @ Mark Vii has been exceptional. They are 1st Class all the way.
  9. What cartridge ( 9mm, 40 s&w, 45acp, etc ) are causing the problem and what casefeeder plate are you using?
  10. There is no programming required by the user. The tablet interface is very simple to use.
  11. All are crimped. Military IDK....at least two have the Nato stamp
  12. Rock chucker,- Star reloader,--RL 1050 ( $885 dealer price in 2000 )---more RL1050's--Co-ax- UltraMag--several Corbin CSP2s, RCBS- A2, MK 7 1050 Pro automation and finally Evolution. Sold the Rockchucker and Star. That's it.
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