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  1. Double thickness top -1 1/2" with fascia board. Then I used a wood rasp to "hogout" a deep groove in the fascia/countertop edge to allow the handle to drop to full extension.
  2. Does the brass juice remove the factory anneal marks found on LC, PSD and other mil-spec 223 brass ?
  3. Entirely eliminated primer pullback in decap only mode--- .223 brass---running slow 900 rph on RL 1050 with Mk 7 pro
  4. 1200-1500 . I'm slowing down as I get older, I don't need to either process or reload at a breakneck pace and I just enjoy not having to manually pull the handle.
  5. I'm sold---How do I get this locally or is this something you are selling?
  6. Did Mike have you place a rectangular sheet of aluminum foil behind the stationary sizing plate ? --it provides a tighter rollsize
  7. I am in Omaha, Nebraska--Hornady is 150 miles away. Redding indicated zero interest in the use of their excellent 10-x powder measure for automated or non- automated use. If I can help,let me know--I visit the site daily. Thx for the pics.
  8. Steyrarms --I would like to see how you attached and setup the Redding 10x on the press---it's a fantastic measure. Thx
  9. Brooke--why is the spring retainer better than the solid plastic retainer ? Thx
  10. I remember the fl-2000 had a lifetime warranty---check with Dillon. Also, there is a FL-2000 for sale on accurateshooter.com for $135
  11. I have a list of reported bad Winchester lot #-PM me for a copy.
  12. No preferential pre-order pricing is being offered for the RL 1100 ( $2000-2100 depending on cartridge ) Will handle 45-70 --so creedmore & 308 should not be a problem.
  13. You know you want it--- get the 1100--I don't know anyone who has bought an RL 1050 or might buy the new RL 1100 who has said " I wish I'd bought the ( insert sq deal, 450, 500, 650 ) " . For durability; steel beats aluminum . Think of your purchase as an investment because that's what it is.
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