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  1. Don't know why I thought this machine was gonna be less headaches. Seams like they all are. Anyway. Just got a roll sizer and my 223 cases are comming out with a bell. I put a few on my comparator. One of these has been through a full length size die after roll size as well
  2. Looking for some general advice on how to setup the Hornady case feeder on a mark 7 in .223 over 2K rph. I really struggle to maintain 2K/hr. Realistically 1500 is the max i can reliably feed at. Ive tried the 3d printed ramp, and the spring deflector in many orientations and im kinda frustrated.
  3. I need an additional case activated powder measure for my Evo (pistol). I have one on order from mark 7 but their lead time is pretty long (weeks). Is the Hornady, or Dillon just as. Good or better???? I've heard mixxed reviews
  4. Does anyone anyone happen to have the files to 3d print steyrarms 9mm tool head stand?? I've messaged him but he hasn't read it yet, and thingiverse has an error on the 9mm tool head stand
  5. Is 3" really all to expect??. I know milspec on xm193 is 4". I just thought I could do significantly better
  6. I spun the sized (unloaded) cases and got pretty much the same reading as loaded ammo Spun the cases in a v block with an indicator on neck. Avg .003 High .006 What is acceptable amount for non match grade ammo
  7. My dillemma is all my guns are set up with 1:7 pretty much. Pretty annoying when you wanna just plink with cheap ammo
  8. You appear to be correct (I loaded these a LONG time ago and apparently I dont recall correctly) After checking on what is actually made im guessing they are actually 60Gr Vmax bullet (I should pull one to find out for sure) Yes mixed Brass
  9. I am trying to develop a overall Cheap-o 55 Gr Load that has as good as I can achieve accuracy. My efforts have been relatively fruitless in gaining more accuracy. Lighting, Hornady, and Berry 55gr (no discernible difference in accuracy) 24.8-.25.8 Gr H335 (2700-3100 FPS) Standard deviations in the mid 30's Groups have yet to be less than 2" at 100 All Dies are LEE except for M-Die (optional) Currently Loading on a XL 650. Resized with LEE Sizing Die Trim to 1.750 M-Die (optional if using bullet feeder) CCI400 Pri
  10. Additionally if using a press mounted trimmer, the trim die is a full length sizer, without an explpander so the neck needs resized after trimming
  11. seams like bullet feeders really need some case flair for optional function.
  12. I have searched but can't seam to find an answer as to how to adjust the timing of the shell plate to the primer position. The primer pushing assembly feels to be in good alignment with the primer plate. However the shell plate is off center
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