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  1. OP, if you're interested in coming down to watch or help with the match at Steel City (Birmingham) in Sept, send me an IM or e-mail and I'll get you details. Classes at Rifles Only are fantastic. I've taken a couple, but you don't have to drive 12hrs to get good, foundational training. We ofer a solid Intro to Precision Rifle class at Steel City. K&M is a short drive where you can take more advanced classes. Your rig is fine to get started. Once you see a match and take a basic class, you'll have a good idea of gear you'll want to upgrade to or acquire.
  2. Chatter has been a bit quiet on this match. Looks like Sig has signed up as the title sponsor. http://www.thetacticalwire.com/story/318267 How's match prep coming Smitty?
  3. Thanks for the response. One of the many things that always impressed me with Dillon in the past was the customer service you could get over the phone. Most of the technicians I've spoken to actually worked on the production lines and knew the machines inside and out. Very helpful in trouble shooting when I first got into this game almost 20yrs ago. I'll e-mail from now on when I need a replacement part.
  4. Might need to e-mail them from now on. They've got a comment on their website that says it will be "several days" before e-mails are read or responded to. Don't get me wrong, its been two years since I've needed anything replaced and I reload a ton of rifle and pistol rounds with my 650s and 550. Their stuff is the best. I also know they were overwhelmed during the craziness after the Sandy Hook incident in late 2012 just like the rest of the reloading industry. It just seems to me that a 30-45minute wait to speak to someone is not consistent with their otherwise stellar customer service. That's why I wondered if my timing has been bad or if that's just the way it is these days.
  5. Two weeks ago, the return spring on my 650 finally wore out (wouldn't index the shell plate). Called Dillon to see about a replacement and waited over 30 minutes on hold to speak to someone. When they finally picked up and I told the rep the problem, he gruffly discounted the notion that the spring was worn out saying "I've never seen that". I offered to send him a picture of the worn out spring (twice the length of a normal one) and told him I'd taken the spring off my other 650 (I have two) and it worked perfectly on the problem press. No other comment, he just asked me for my address. 10 days later, I received a new spring. This past weekend I was reloading 9mm and the carbide insert came out of my sizing die. In order to beat the crowd, I thought I'd try to ring them up when they first opened up this morning. Got the recording saying I was the 37th person in que. Been on hold for now for 35 minutes and still 10 people ahead of me. Granted, this is the first time I've called Dillon in a couple of years, their stuff is the best. It just seems their customer service, wait time and demeanor of representation, has fallen off considerably since I contacted them last. Wondering if I have been unlucky with my timing of calls and who I've spoken to or is this the new Dillon CS?
  6. Great match! Thanks to Mike and Andy for organizing and running the event and to Legion OTG for hosting. Big thanks to the RO's for working through the absolute worst conditions I've ever seen in 20+yrs of shooting on Friday. Hope all my new buddies in squad 7 from MN made it home OK, it was great shootin' with you guys! I kind of like the new black/red clay cammo pattern on my stuff. Think I'll leave it on.
  7. I'm going to be able to make the match, really looking forward to it! Looks like the Days Inn and Budget Inn are sold out. What's the best bet after that? One of the others in Blakley or commute from Dothan?
  8. ^^^^^ Comments are spot on, particularly with regard to optics. You won't necessarily need a $3k S&B but you'll need more magnification than your 1-6x will give you. Check out Vortex and Bushnell for more economical options. The 308 JP is perfectly fine to get you going. You'll find that most of the serious competitors shoot 6mm and 6.5mm calibers. They shoot faster, flatter and cheat the wind more effectively than a 308. A few of the top shooters in the PRS have dabbled with gas guns but most shoot bolt rifles. Every now and then there will be a stage that is "gas gun friendly" in a match but not often. Bolt actions are plenty fast to operate in these events. Regarding the PRS, the organization was formed to give shooters a structured series of matches to compete in with a season ending ranking and champion. It is, of course, an imperfect system and there has been some controversy associated with it. You don't have to join the PRS to shoot the matches and there are many long range matches outside PRS you can shoot as well. The advantage of shooting in PRS events is that you'll be exposed to many excellent shooters which is a good way to get better. There is a competition thread on Snipers Hide where you'll find announcements and info on just about every long range match out there. http://forum.snipershide.com/tactical-shooting-competitions/. It's fun stuff! Good luck if you decide to start participating!
  9. Zoomy, Don't be scared........lots of good USPSA shooting and even better people in this area! You've probably gotten the idea that we like to have a good time when we get together. Welcome to warmer weather! Sunny and almost 70 here today!
  10. It was REALLY great hanging out with you at Mammoth Trapr! Thanks again for the great job of spotting and RO'ing! You've made some good points regarding gas vs bolt rifles. Anyone who thinks bolt guns are inherently more reliable than a gas gun hasn't been to many matches where both are used. I think the only gas gun malfunction I saw at Mammoth was with the stage rifle on our first stage The OP wanted to know a good caliber to build a LR precision match rifle in. Any of the 6.5mm or 6mm calibers out there work just fine. Personally, I use 260 Rem and 243W b/c brass is (relatively) easy to find and there's plenty of good load data out there for a variety of bullets. Pick one and spend your time and $ practicing vs worrying about someone's opinion of what's best. I did OK at Mammoth but nobody beat me because they had a better caliber. They just shot better and hit more targets.
  11. Glad everyone had a good time! This one is fun to put on each year. Lee, yes you got the award for coming the longest way to compete. You really hit a home run, fun match, Auburn win and Talladega on Sunday. Doesn't get better than that. Thanks to Robert, Pete and all the RO's for making it happen!
  12. No clue. That match is administered by different people at the range. It is generally considered a fairly low speed event.
  13. JP Enterprises, Hear Pro, Freedom Munitions and JAB Targets are sponsoring a rifle side match at Thunder Valley. It'll be open all day Friday and Saturday (and possibly Thursday late afternoon for the RO's) Format details: - All registered shooters get a free run with your match rifle and ammo - You can purchase an additional run with your rifle/ammo for $5 or with a JP Enterprises rifle and 20 rnds of supplied ammo for $10 - There will be 6 steel targets from 100yds and out. Not quite sure how far, it will depend on where Gary and Nate put us. There will be targets everyone can hit along with a few differentiating targets at distance. There will be a par time of around a minute to clear the targets. - Plaques will be awarded to the top Pro, Am and Lady shooter. Prizes TBD will be awarded to the top shooters on Sunday. - If there's any down time, we'll have a couple of long range JP demo rifles to shoot for fun. Come see us when you're over at Thunder Valley!
  14. Quick update, Carbine match is full, waiting list established. Still room in the November Precision Rifle Challenge. Thanks to the great sponsors who,will be supporting this event! http://www.brocksgap.com/clientuploads/documents/Precision%20Rifle%20Challenge%20-%202013.pdf
  15. Thanks for the heads up Dan! We'll bring some extra bolts for the steel targets we're using for the side match!
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