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  1. I ordered a case of it and had a few pieces of brass that were split from the mouth to the web. I'm not buying from them again.
  2. That movie is hilarious from start to finish. The Guyver and Guyver 2
  3. I've had great success with my VooDoo low mass bcg. Muzzle device, I like the DPMS Miculek comp or the Nordic Corvette. Or you could drop the $100ish on the SJC Titan.
  4. GreenDragon64

    Which one?

    Gun. Captain America or Iron Man?
  5. GreenDragon64

    Which one?

    With for lightening fast reloads! 3 dot or black rear and fiber optic front sight for competitions?
  6. GreenDragon64

    Which one?

    There can be only one! Movie Elvis or flashy Vegas Elvis?
  7. I am tickled to see his daughter's husband in the picture.
  8. Ended up and went to the NRA convention with a shooting buddy and we found ourselves at the Smith & Wesson booth. Lo and behold we ended up in an extremely small line to meet one of the best all around shooters that is alive today. JM was a very sincere and genuine person, joked with my friend and I for a few minutes and took a picture with each of us. He said I had a familiar face then I told him I have a familiar name to go along with it, one of those gotta be there moments.
  9. I had ordered a recoil spring and a mainspring that took over 2 weeks to get to my door step.
  10. Does anybody have some load data for any of these three powders loaded around 135 PF? I'm using BBI 230gr coated round nose projectiles. Thanks!
  11. Josh Hamilton of Hamilton Armory in Hazel Green, Alabama.
  12. Eh, I'm shooting a match that doesn't have a power factor floor. I'm going to bump it up when I shoot a match that does.
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