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  1. CStrabala

    P320 X5 Thread

    Sweet, Thank you.
  2. CStrabala

    P320 X5 Thread

    For production class. If I put silicone carbide on my grip, is there certain places I can do it? Or can I do it like I did my STI?
  3. Swaro has a ballistic app that you can download. Just enter your info, and it will show your yardage for your grid line.
  4. CStrabala

    P320 X5 Thread

    Is there any place that sells just the curved trigger, without buying the whole PELT kit.
  5. Maybe he might shoot the last polo match.
  6. Not if you keep shooting the way you did this year. I'm glad I didn't have to shoot against you. I'll pick one up a try it.
  7. I have a 13.5" armalite for my son, it hasn't been shot it yet. Would I be better off just putting a lowmass BCG in it now, or just leave the full mass one it and tune it.
  8. Why is a LW 18" barrel a bad idea? Does it heat up to fast. I'm running a Rainer match now. I won a free black hole weaponry barrel, so I thought I might try a LW 18". I do shoot a couple matches that I have to reach out to 600.
  9. That's sweet, how do you like it.
  10. I love my Gibz, nice clean look. I hate having a dust cover and forward assist.
  11. I have a Rainer 15", made by samson. I cut a little of the top out so I could turn the selector.
  12. Do you like it better then the gold now that you have it lighter. I don't like a 2 stage trigger, I may have to get one now.
  13. I just shot a match and it did it to me a couple times. It looked like it was locked back, but the bolt was not far enough back to pick up the shell on the carrier. It was like the shell stopped the bolt from going all the way back, but it did eject the empty. I have a TTI carrier in it. Anyone have any ideas.
  14. A buddy of mine has 2 swarovski z5's,and they will not go back to the same spot if you do the box drill. They will be with in 1/2"of the first shot. But his zeiss is right on all the time, same with my zeiss. My z6i is off a little two. Might be because of the .54"per click.
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