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  1. I've been shooting SS for about 4 years, due to astigmatism I was seeing an enlongated front site. Plus at 60+ it was fuzzy. One eye Dr. had me in a contact, right eye only, with a 1.25 reader lens for close up. Cleared things up nicely but tended to give me a headache if worn all day. Now I just wear a contact to correct the astigmatism, front sight is a little fuzzy but I can live with it. My boys are suggesting I go to open, thinking about it.
  2. I've had the Rudy Magster for 5 years with Photocromatic Polorized gray Impact X for everyday wear, the Photocromatic red Impact X for shooting. The best thing I like about the glasses is the Rudy logo above the nose piece is a small vent that keeps air flowing across the lenses, they don't fog up with only a small amount of forward movement. Also I grew up wearing glasses and beating my brains out trying to keep my glasses up. Even in the summer sweating and working outside the nose piece keeps the glasses from sliding down my nose. Visual clairity is great.
  3. Thanks to my boys, I didn't start shooting until I was a senior. Another 4 years and I'll make Super Senior.
  4. Get on the BEginners general discussion area and introduce yourself!!

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