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  1. Gwalia, if you need to borrow a gun for this match, send me a PM and I can organise it for you. Actually if anyone is keen on coming to the match, send me a PM and I can either organise a gun for you to use or provide info on the paperwork required into Australia.
  2. This is true, unfortunately we set our match date with the original IRC dates in mind, then the IRC dates changed and we can't accommodate another date change. So many great matches available yet so little time...
  3. Thanks guys, I'll chase them up and see if a copy is still available.
  4. Match entry form is now available on the ICORE website. 6th - 8th September in Brisbane, Queensland at Metropolitan Pistol Club. Hoping to see some international faces there, come and check out what Australia has to offer.
  5. Can anyone help with a PDF copy of old International Postal Match stage descriptions from years 2001, 2002, 2006 and 2007 please.
  6. Anyone know if there will be any vendors at the match selling their wares?
  7. Jason have you ever pulled a bullet after loading and remeasured your diameter? That 9mm FCD might be resizing you bullet in the case.
  8. I've used that cutter setup on several barrels and some cut easier than others. Repeated firing seems to work harden/case harden the metal around the forcing cone and makes it extremely hard to cut. Once you get through the hard spot it will cut like butter. You need the gun setup in a vice and pull back extremely hard whilst turning the cutter or use the drill adapter and spin it with a battery drill and use plenty of good cutting fluid. But if you want extreme accuracy pull the barrel, set it up in a lathe and turn it back one turn and recut the forcing cone with a sharp single point tool.
  9. AusPPC, out of curiosity have you checked the cartridge headspace with the brand of brass that you are using? Do you use mixed brass or all one brand/batch? Do you clean primer pockets? Do you ream them or use a primer pocket uniformer?
  10. I'm using the green 38 super case feeder attachment drilled out to the same ID as the orange one. Works well.
  11. Dan, PM me your details and I'll send you an end cap. I have a few spares laying around.
  12. What if I spin the cylinder on the crane with compressed air blower in one hand and dremel with the other?
  13. Thanks for the info guys. I am about to rebarrel my 686 so thinking it was a good opportunity to make things nice and square. I will take Warren's advice and check the runout on the front face of the cylinder.
  14. I have come across a few old articles where the gunsmiths building ppc type guns would machine the front face of the cylinder to square things up before fitting a new barrel. My question is are gunsmiths still doing this or does it have no effect on accuracy? Would it not make sense to take a light cut or surface grind the front face to make sure it is square?
  15. Does anyone know when the new rules for barrels come into effect?
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