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  1. pcc options

    I think they're mostly just saying that to try to get people to only buy their stuff. I don't think I've ever heard of compatibility problems with their 9mm parts. When you get that upper in let us know whether it actually takes rounds loaded longer, or whether PSA's just polished up the chamber or something.
  2. PCC Doubling - Causes and Cures?

    It's not for preloading the spring, it's for limiting the bolt's travel. On a gun with LRBHO without the quarters, the bolt can get a running start into the bolt catch and break it. Adding the $1.50 in quarters keeps it from moving more than probably 1/8" behind the bolt catch while still allowing the gun to cycle normally. Maybe it makes it cycle ever so slightly faster too, but that would be almost totally imperceptible.
  3. why are S&B primers so cheap ?

    I guess it's time to buy some more then!
  4. why are S&B primers so cheap ?

    I think I'm at nearly 15k for 9mm alone, and I'll be buying some more the next time they go on sale for $20/k. They are somewhat hard to seat on my Hornady LnL, but the price is too good to pass up.
  5. PCC Speed Reloads - How fast?

    Here's my lefty reload on a Colt Mag lower: [
  6. open 22 for steel

    I have a LOT of fun with mine. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UJw5VuxRZY4 Ruger MKIII 22/45 with VQ sear, TK trigger and comp, Striplin Customs thumbrest, VQ extractor, and a whole bunch of a little tuning here and there. The weak point of any rimfire is the magazine, and once you know what you're doing the Ruger magazines are fairly easy to tune. Mine runs 100% with CCI minimags, my chosen competition ammo.
  7. I've broken one firing pin during dry fire, and I swap that one into my bolt for when I'm practicing. Granted, it was only the tip that was broken, and not the shaft.
  8. Taccom "Couplers"

    Finally got to test mine out today. 32+20 rounder stuck together. Ran 100%, even when loaded to 54 rounds. I tried putting 2-32 rounders together, but the bottom spring flipped on itself and bound up in the lower magazine. Didn't try it again, and figured the only time I'd need more than 54 rounds in a stage is at a hoser match later this year. I'm happy with it. The Colt mags are a little hard to seat and I really felt like I was going to damage something when practicing unloaded starts. Besides that, I'm very pleased with the setup.
  9. Lefty shooting PCC here. The way I see it is that we're shooting in a division with uncapped magazine capacity; if you're running dry, you're doing something very wrong. I have an ambi safety, mag release, and CH on my build. BAD levers on the rest of my ARs because it does help if I'm ever doing bolt lock reloads.
  10. Best Conversion Barrel

    I have one of the Lone Wolf 9mm conversion barrels in my G22. The thing is my carry gun, and I haven't had a single issue beyond the gun locking up temporarily after the very first shot. Guess there was a burr or something that had to be knocked down. It does not accommodate extremely long loads, but I was able to comfortably load 124gr RN to 1.13". The Lone Wolf barrel I use in my 9mm major Glock had the same chamber, and I had the throat cut to accommodate loads out to 1.16" (mag length). All in all, I'm extremely satisfied with Lone Wolf's products.
  11. 115 gn MG RN with cfe for open

    Thanks for the correction. I wasn't sure, I have literally zero familiarity with MG's product lineup.
  12. 115 gn MG RN with cfe for open

    Are you asking about whether the bullet can handle the speed, or whether the powder charge might be too large? The answer to the former is "maybe." MGs are plated bullets, right? Some plated bullets can handle those speeds (I.E. RMR Hardcore series), and others you probably shouldn't push them that hard. The best way is just to load some up and give it a shot. You'll surely be able to make major with a 38sc gun with a 115, so just load some up, and keep an eye on your rifling. I've never stripped the plating off of a bullet, but I suspect it would end with serious leading and let you know you're exceeding their usable velocity. If MGs are jacketed, you've got nothing to worry about. If it's the latter, you're going to have no trouble making major. Kneelingatlas has done 115gr 9major loads with CFE pistol IIRC, so you'll be able to do it in 38sc easily.
  13. Processing 9mm @ 3222 CPH

    God, I'm jealous of all you guys that have automated loading setups. Someday...
  14. I'm going to have to try this. Especially without an aftermarket basepad, hitting the base of my colt mags in matches has me massaging my hand after a stage. It doesn't feel great
  15. Mag options for carry optics

    I use the Magpuls as my reload mags in Open, and I love them. Even with just a couple rounds in them, they still just shoot right out of the gun. I have four of them total, and I've had zero malfunctions with them in the last year.