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  1. current world rimfire records

    You can't at this time but HQ is revising the way world records will be displayed but I'm not sure where it stands on the to-do list.
  2. How were the Peak Times established?

    I don't have the most current data in front of me but here's some numbers based on last June 2017 data. We just passed one year from our classification baseline. I'm working on an article for FrontSight that will have all kinds of information about the classification growth over the last year. This is a combination of all divisions: We have a total of 7920 classifications that aren't U or X (this includes one individual being classified in multiple divisions) GM - 287 (4%) M - 426 (5%) A - 799 (10%) B - 2261 (29%) C - 3149 (40%) D - 998 (13%) We have one 6-division GM - KC Eusebio We have three 5-Division GM's: Dave Sevigny, BJ Norris, and Steve Foster.
  3. NEW SCSA Rules ?

    This was just announced on the USPSA.ORG web site: USPSA - Announcements Member Comment Wanted - MG and SCSA Rules The USPSA board of directors recently voted to publish the new editions of the USPSA Multigun rules and the Steel Challenge Shooting Association (SCSA) rules, per USPSA bylaw 16.2 Rules will be available for reading/download at these links: Steel Challenge Rules Multigun Rules Comments must be addressed to the following addresses: Steel Challenge Rules -- scsarules@feedback.uspsa.org (please note the rules are going to be renumbered to match the sequence in the Handgun and Multigun rules—this is a format change, and will not change the content) Multigun Rules -- multigunrules@feedback.uspsa.org Because we want to capture all of the feedback and comments in one location, accessible to all the board members, these email addresses will be the only officially recognized method of sending rules feedback. Keeping all of the comments and suggestions in one central location will maintain continuity and integrity of the comment process. We will not be able to respond to your comments on an individual basis, but major issues will likely be addressed via published statement. The comment period will last for at least 30 days after the rules are published. Once the comment period has closed, and comments have been accumulated and assimilated into the rules where needed, the board will vote on acceptance of the final rule sets prior to October 1, 2017. The final rule sets will be published for 3 months before the projected effective date of 1 January, 2018. I’d like to thank Mike Carraher, Carl Schmidt, Pete Rensing, and Zack Jones for their volunteer efforts in producing these rules. Without committed volunteers such as you, the character of our sport would be greatly diminished. Thank you. Troy McManus DNROI
  4. How were the Peak Times established?

    The first set of PSTs were but going forward I'm using data from all tier II and III matches so your average joe is considered along with the top guys/gals.
  5. 2018 big steel matches

    US Steel Nationals will be in March at South River. No word on WSSC. Dave Snyder's huge match is typically in September so I expect it will be in September again next year.
  6. How were the Peak Times established?

    The original ones were created by Phil Strater but I don't know exactly how he came up with them. I review them now by importing match results which allow me to see all times for all stages in those divisions that were shot at the match. I import all tier II and III match data that I can get my hands on to help with the analysis I do.
  7. NEW SCSA Rules ?

    I provided the most recent draft of the rules to Troy just prior to the GA State Steel Challenge match which was about a month ago. I'll ping him to see how his review is coming. Before they are officially approved we'll put them out for comment from anyone that wants to add their 2 cents worth.
  8. Steel Challenge RO question

    No cert yet for Steel Challenge. DNROI is working on training for an endorsement. USPSA NROI cert is acceptable.
  9. Ruger 10-22 trigger job

    Get the top of the line one. You will love it. I've had them do two triggers and I'm extremely pleased with them.
  10. Club bans FMJ in SC Matches

    I've been fragged many times and have seen others get fragged hard enough to draw blood. My biggest problem is 22 LR brass getting ejected into my face or down my shirt. I have burn scars from it .
  11. Start position for rimfire steel challenge

    At the aiming cone/flag. See section 5, 2 (Start Position), paragraph 3. There is also a DNROI ruling published on the Steel Challenge web site with additional information/clarification.
  12. Go to steelchallenge.com results page and see if the match is listed. If it is and it doesn't have a notice about the activity fee needing to be paid then you will earn your classification on Wednesday.
  13. How young would you start junior shooter?

    Unless she's recently had a birthday Venice Oliver completed the US Steel Nationals over the weekend shooting RFPO and RFRO and she's 6 years old.
  14. DNROI Rulings for Showdown and Outer Limits

    I will clarify that the aiming flag should be centered in front of the box. The height of it really doesn't warrant any discussion, IMO. People aim at the general direction of the flag/post. As long as everyone shooting that match has the same thing to aim at it's good to go. Next thing you know someone will say the aiming flag has to be set using a transit.
  15. PCC and rimfire low ready prop

    I use a 2x4 painted red. I put in a spare stand.