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  1. 2018 Steel Challenge Nats

    Nope. We haven’t even opened registration yet. We will publish award policy in advance of the match though.
  2. Generally speaking if a club wants to put on a tier II match (State Championship) the MD completes an application and sends it to HQ for review and approval. The match must have 75 entries and agree to pay a $2.50 activity fee. The normal fee is $1.00 for club matches. The club has to be a SCSA affiliated club and run the match under the current rules. If needed I work with the match staff to provide assistance. How the club runs the match is up to the MD. For example at SC State the RO’s rotated with the squads but at FL State the RO’s remained stationary.
  3. Made Up Rules Sticky Needed

    You can’t dry fire during the Make Ready process is another one.
  4. I received two bronze medals today from the Kentucky match.
  5. 2018 Steel Challenge Nats

    Yup. Great range. We will have 8 match bays and 8 practice bays.
  6. current world rimfire records

    It’s on the todo list. It will come after the USPSA.ORG website update is released.
  7. current world rimfire records

    Correct, WSSC Only.
  8. 2018 Steel Challenge Nats

    I’m meeting with Mike this weekend. Perhaps I’ll have some news next week.
  9. 2018 Steel Challenge Nats

    Same place as last year. South River Gun Club.
  10. 2018 Steel Challenge Nats

    We are aware and will be making scheduling changes prior to opening registration. We are locked into the dates for 2018 and have international competitors making travel plans.
  11. 2018 Steel Challenge Nats

    Last week of March. Registration opens 1 Jan 2018 at noon EST.
  12. Plaques were pre-ordered and handed out based registration entries on a specific date. I like the way GA State USPSA is handling it. If you are eligible for a plaque your name will be sent to Manny Bragg and if you want a plaque he will create it and mail it. The match will be billed for the plaque.
  13. Nimitz's Journey To Shooting Greatness

    We missed you at Area 6 Steel Challenge. Guess you are still recovering? I bought the book and started working through it. So far so good.
  14. classifer times for each division/class

    The initial times were established by Phil Stader. I don’t know how he came up with the numbers though. Each year I review times for all tier II and III matches to see if we need to make adjustments. So far we have only modified RFRO and PCCO. We lowered those times because so many people were shooting times faster than the PST. I will be doing my annual review in December.