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  1. WSSC

    It’s pretty close to that right now. Rimfire is hugely popular.
  2. WSSC

    400+ guns registered in just over 24 hours.
  3. WSSC

    https://practiscore.com/2018-wssc-presented-by-sig/register Registration link. It opens at 6:00 EST today (2/21/18)
  4. Courtesty (or lack thereof) at Club Matches

    After the match did you express your concerns with the match director? For tier II or higher matches I make an announcement during the shooter's meeting for people to keep the noise down. I haven't done so at a club match but I'll plan to do that this coming weekend.
  5. Zack, does the SCSA classification system automatically filter out erroneous scores?  At the last CTA match (Feb 10) the scoring table had to manually enter my wife's RFRO score for Pendulum.  What should have been 30 secs (equipment MF) is up on Practiscore as .3 seconds.  The MD had said he uploaded a corrected score, but it doesn't appear on PS.

    Rick T

  6. WSSC

    $100 per gun for as many guns as you want to shoot. Up to two guns per session and we're having 9 sessions. In theory one could shoot all 13 SCSA divisions at the match.
  7. WSSC

    All I can say is talk to your match directors. Any range can host a large match. We don’t dictate who can and who can’t.
  8. WSSC

    There are plenty of ranges that can host large matches out west. Hogue could easily hold one. Competitors from the east coast have traveled west for the past 3 years. I don’t see why it would be difficult for competitors in the west to travel east.
  9. WSSC

    Only requirement is current USPSA membership. It would be best if you had shot a Steel Challenge match or two before hand though.
  10. WSSC

    It’s been west of the Mississippi for the past 3 years. I wouldn’t let location prevent you from coming. We will have plenty of room to accommodate competitors.
  11. WSSC

    Yup. Registration opens Feb 21st. 10 gun squads in the AM and 12 gun squads in the afternoon. Two guns max per session.
  12. NEW SCSA Rules ?

    You can take a sight picture anytime you want. Speaking specifically about Showdown a competitor should take a sight picture after moving not a sight picture from both boxes during the make ready process. All long guns must be flagged as part of unload show clear regardless of the mode of transport. A case is not required if transporting on a cart.
  13. Compensators allowed on RFPI

    Check out the comps from John Allchin that’s what I run on everything except my PCC.
  14. NEW SCSA Rules ?

    Because the DNROI and BoD said so. I fought against it and lost.
  15. NEW SCSA Rules ?

    1 - No. Sight picture after moving to 2nd box on Showdown is permitted per 2 - No. All long guns must have chamber flag (with bolt closed) regardless of transport method. I case my rifles and still have to use the flag. I don't like it. It think it's dumb to require it for cased rifles but the DNROI and BoD say we have to do it so we do. 3 - It's not covered by a rule (engaging safety). If the gun goes bang during mag change it's a DQ per 8.2.1.