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  1. Thanks for the read. What I have found is any time my conscious mind interferes with my shooting these types of distractions can over rule my subconscious. I liken it to the golfer that says - don’t hit it right because they is water over there.. a golfer who has not sliced a ball in six months.. you guessed it - one for the fish. This is one of the reasons when you see me at a match I am cutting up and having fun. It keeps me loose. I try not to watch or listen to other shooters while they are shooting as well. As an instructor, I tend to identify what opportunities the shoote
  2. I tired out a conversion and had issues with it. The best AR .22 on the market from what I have seen is the JP. I tested the unicorn for a few thousand rounds and ran like a dream. Only maintenance was to run a bore snake every 1k rounds of it needed it or not and a little oil. The ultralight weight barrel was the game changer for them.
  3. I have and they run great. Before you buy one, call Chet to make sure there are no issues with your type of gun. There is one brand they do not work well with.. maybe Rock Island? If you dont have his number, let me know and I will send it to you. Steve
  4. Shot Buckmarks for two years... stay away from them IMO. I had more issues with my comp guns then I would care to say. If you do happen to go down the Buckmark path, keep Billy Striplin on speed dial. He is the godfather of Buckmarks
  5. It really depends on what your budget is and where you see yourself going in the sport. The two best out on the market are the CWA custom pistols with the double stack width grip (what I shoot) and the Volquartsen scorpion. I have tried them all and if I was not going to make this type of investment, I would go Ruger 22/45 all day. Some people like the Lites, but I prefer the heavier gun. Which ever direction you head, I recommend getting a threaded compensator. I would then add Tandemkross goodies as budget opens up. I hope this helps! Steve
  6. Congrats! That's awesome! Nice setup, thanks for sharing. Always cool to see what people are doing to customize their gear. The Wiland chassis has a lot of adjustment in it to go to and from iron sights. BTW- what 3D printer do you have? Do you like it? Looking at getting one.
  7. The Wiland barrel is a shroud press fit. There are rumors he is going to have a full length barrel with a thin shroud at some point. The chassis does not come with a barrel. My setup is a full Magnum Research gun dropped into the wiland chassis. It is super light!
  8. Going into WSSC the prevailing thought was they would stay the same. Then.. some people threw down some amazing times. We will see where we end up, IMO they need to go down. There is a chance they will hold off until the 2021 WSSC.
  9. The Wiland chassis is nice! I have a code for 5% if anyone needs it Use Discount Code Foster05 for 5%
  10. If you place well - they have a very good prize table the last couple of years.
  11. Yes sir - IMO I would call MR and see if they can open it up to the Sporter chamber then you will be in great shape. I think it may just cause you shipping to them for the barrel. Tell them I pointed you in this direction. The trigger is good out of the box, but I shoot powder river precision triggers in all of my guns. I would have to see if you could replace theirs with the Tandemkross fire switch. I have been running a Blackhawk axiom stock and it is the best extended mag release for this setup. ill look at their trigger and see if it is compatible.
  12. I run Eley Force in all of my guns. They use a parafin wax which is slick and feeds reliably even when it is cold. Contact is the standard velocity variant. Be careful not to stray away from these two types because other Eley uses a beeswax and is made for benchrest shooting
  13. Great guns! Mine have been running like demons. Did you get yours with a Sporter chamber? This is what I run. I clean it every 1k or so and it runs!
  14. GT Targets are the best. Call Karl and tell him Steve sent you and he will help you out. Guaranteed for life and they are a flat faced target.
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