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  1. My opinion is because up until 2-4 years ago all of the major names shot centerfire and rfpo was the fastest division out there. Now you can’t take first place at a major match with a rifle unless you are well sub-70secs. In the next year you will see the gap close significantly. Kolby shot a 69.xx with a rfile, Chris Barrett just shot a 60.xx and there are a few of us sub 65.xx out there. It’s getting faster!
  2. That open time... wow that’s fast! I better stop messing around and get M before next year?
  3. Great question. I always put in 12 rounds each magazine and I reload after every string. I keep my routine consistent and it’s repeatable. If I have a bad string it gives me a moment to reset and prepare for the next. Find out what works for you and do it. ??
  4. Does anyone have a sight picture you can post of these sights? I have looked all over and I can’t seem to find one. I love them on my glocks, just want to make sure it is similar on the 1911. Thanks in advance! Steve
  5. One other note - it would not run Aguila through it. It seemed as though the charge of the powder was inconsistent. It could be the excess wax on the tip of the bullets..
  6. With mine I cut 2 coils off the recoil spring , reamed the chamber, and with the TacSol Mags I cut off the strut that prevents more than 10rds to go in. Prior to this every 2nd round would jam. Note - mine is a Single stack. I feed it a steady diet of ELEY Force and not a single hiccup in 20k rounds. I hope this helps Steve
  7. I've already placed my order with JP and sent in a deposit but maybe they will apply the discount code anyway.  I'd appreciate having it.  Thanks

  8. I shoot it 4-3-2-1-S. I admit from the low ready going to plate 4 is awkward, but it has been consistent. My friend Grant shoots it 3-4-2-1-S and blazes it down. I encourage him to shoot it what is the most comfortable. If it's comfortable you will always shoot it better in my opinion. Steve
  9. The exact opposite - you take the peak time and divide it by the stage time you shot. Let's say you are shooting 5 to Go with your rimfire rifle open. You shot a total of (4) strings totaling 14.00 seconds. The peak time for RFRO is 11.00 seconds. The math is (11.00/14.00) = 78.57% and you shot an A classification on this stage. Clear as mud? I monitor Facebook and email more than Enos. If you need anything - don't hesitate to reach out? Steve
  10. My 2 cents - go with the 4.5" and put a comp on it. The 6" were popular before the comp changes in rfpi. The 6" stayed flatter. steve
  11. I run vortex razors on all my guns. They are all 6moa. I prefer the vortex for a couple of reasons 1- the sight is closer to the bore and helps when I transition from open to iron sights. 2- great people with the best warranty in the industry. My advice - go to a local match and ask around and look through them yourself. If it is comfortable you will shoot it better. steve
  12. You can't go wrong with a JP GMR 15. In Steel Challenge is is my favorite division to shoot. The best part, it plain old runs. I run mine with a Vortex Razor 6moa. DM if you are interested in a discount code for 5% off your gun. Steve
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