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  1. 7.62x39 Bullets?

    FYI MidSouth Shooting Supply has Hornady's on sale now that are .18/ea with shipping is ~.20/ea. About the best you'll find for .310 124g FMJs
  2. Adjustable block on a carbine gas system

    well I put one on my rifle and tuned it so my lightest load (IMR 4198 20.4g 55g) cycle. We'll see in a match if I can tell the difference.
  3. Grandmaster - changing out RM

    thanks, I'll start with the 8
  4. Rts2 v3 board. Send in for v4?

    waiting for mine to come back after a weeks time...
  5. 7.62x39 Bullets?

    IMO forget the X-tremes for 7.62x39, I tried them and they pretty much sucked
  6. Corncob media sticking in hollow points

    us OCD guys like super shiny ammo!
  7. all this about the RTS2 is unsettling. I just bought a new to me STI GM with a newer RTS2 on it. Sight went out just before the Doc Welt match. C-More is making good on it but I cant help but think that their business is going to take a big hit because of this.
  8. Best Pistol Powder for 9mm Major?

    i'm running a hotter load of hs-6 and it seemed to clean it up alot
  9. Confused on Power Factor...

    People will tell you to chase the power factor floor and then add some "overhead". Just know that sometimes a hotter load can be more accurate and on the timer the difference is subjective. A good example is major power factor in open guns. 165 makes major but a lot of guns run better in the mid 170's because more gas runs certain comps better.
  10. Grandmaster - changing out RM

    Hi, I have a new to me STI GrandMaster in 9mm major. It has a recoil mater in there now. I bought a ss guiderod and a 8# and 9# springs. What would you think is about the same as the RM?... 9#?
  11. Stepped brass

    I say boycott those companies... most get into reloading after a while and its like pooping where you eat. Call it kase kharma. I'm reloading major 9 know if its just plain hazardous.
  12. Anybody experiment with this. I got a ridiculous deal on a SS fluted bull 16" with a Wylde chamber. Its a carbine gas system - guess that why I got the great deal. I am trying an adjustable block on this to see if I can get it to be something similar to a middy... thoughts?
  13. Mass brass drying process needed

    I use a laundry bag and set it on top of my AC unit. The bag is pretty thick but dries really quick in my Florida heat...
  14. 7.62x39 Bullets?

    they should be .310 or .311... just watch the hot loads with .312 as they'll be some swaging going on. I have shot .308 and the weren't "terrible"
  15. Surrender draw help

    Use the tactical turkey