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  1. Thank you very much for all this info. I am taking it all in. So far the only thing I have spent money on is a monolithic upper so I am not very far down this rabbit hole at all.
  2. Looking into an AR-15 gas gun trainer to start to learn wind calls and dope for an eventual foray into PRS. Not interested in going with an AR-10 platform or a real chassis bolt action at this time. Ignoring energy, because I know the Grendel will carry significantly more energy.... Is there really much ballistic advantage to the Grendel from either a 20 or 24 inch barrel compared to the 73gr ELD from a 24 inch 223? With real world velocity, I see them being pretty similar out to about 800ish where the Grendel does stay above the transonic range for another 100 yards or so. I know the Grendel will make calling hits on steel easier, and fly slightly better in the wind. But with the 73gr bullet and if I am uninterested in energy, it seems like for precision trainer I could get along fine with a 24" 223. Ancillary benefit is I could use my existing 5.56 rated silencer with the 223, but obviously not with the 6.5. That is not a primary concern though.
  3. 30" barrel for 3 gun

    In my experience shooting heavy steel targets at extended distances, longer barrel shotguns will put the steel down at ranges where a 20 or 22 inch barrel just won't. All else being equal. (Ammo, choke, etc) If the tube is going to be flush or beyond, you aren't losing any mobility and gaining only a small.amount of weight.
  4. Scope choices

    Let us know how you like it!
  5. I had a great time. Stages were a lot of fun, videos are uploading to youtube. Ran a lot of great groups of competitors through the stage I worked. I felt like I shot better than I ever have before, but didn't really move up. I think there are a lot of other shooters shooting better as well, including some really talented juniors. My best stage was the long range stage and I forgot to turn my camera on.......... Here are a few:
  6. Deleted map because it may not be correct.
  7. New 3 Gun Shooter Suggestions?

    Stoeger M3000, Benelli M2, new Browning A5. Depending on your budget. Send it to RCI for a port and mono tube.
  8. Vortex Razor HD BDC reticle vs ammo

    I chronoed Geco 55gr FMJ out of my 18" 1-8 barrel. 3045 FPS at 75 degrees F With that load I get this for my subtensions with a 200 yard zero: 297 397 492 591 Doesn't get much better than that. If you find an accurate ammo that you like, it is a faily simple matter to shift your curve a bit by zeroing at a slightly different distance than 200. You may find that a 185, or 225 yard zero will give you better reticle alignment at 500 and 600 yards. EVERYONE should have Strelok+ or Pro on their phone. The math is correct, and if you put good data in you will get good data out. This necessitates either truing or a chrono.
  9. Round counts are generally given as a rough guideline. You will probably take some ammo home. I generally take 300 per gun because it is easy to take it home but it sucks to start the last stage of a match with a partially empty magazine. Also: If there is a stage equipment malfunction and you need to do a re-shoot, that can chew through an extra 30-40 rounds per gun. If I recall correctly there was a 180 second par time last year. I would expect there to be a par time on stages this year but that is only speculation on my part. I'm not sure how long the par time will be, if there is one. I should have been more specific a few posts up. Rifle out to 250 for the Am. 500 for the Pro. Not sure about slugs for the Am. The #20 was in reference to the count for the Pro. No slings needed.
  10. I really enjoy jungle run or big field course shotgun stages. The video above isn't something that would be my first choice to shoot. Stages can be big, and fun, and complex and challenging WITHOUT incorporating finicky props and activators that cause reset woes. I am a big fan of stages that allow for safe reset behind an advancing shooter. Not a fan of clays in general because presentation can vary so widely and because the last big clays stage I shot I was looking DIRECTLY into the blazing mid-afternoon August sun when I shot it. I guess the same can happen with difficult to see rifle targets but a hat, sunglasses and an improvised sunshade for the scope can usually make it doable. If nobody times out on a stage during a match, it won't be a very fun match. It has been a while "knock on wood", but timing out was a big motivator for me to get better. I don't want to play soccer where nobody keeps score and everybody gets a ribbon at the end. Make it a challenge or it will be a bore.
  11. Rifle out to 500 yards. At least one jungle run of 30+ shotgun rounds. Roughly 20 slugs. Round count min of 200 rds per gun. Beyond a few tidbits like that. Stage descriptions rarely do you a whole lot of good online, it doesn't show you much that is relevant before you actually get to see the stage on the ground in person. I would say, be sure to bring a good rifle zero.
  12. Buffer weight vs. Bolt carrier weight.

    Probably should have waited to tune your comp until you had gone with lightened reciprocating mass. A lot of people miss the point of light weight carriers and buffers, with the recent light rifle trend. It isn't to shave weight from the gun, it is to lessen reciprocating mass. You will probably need an adjustable gas block and might need to retune your comp to get your gun leveled out if you go with a light bolt carrier and buffer.
  13. Ammo For Flasher Targets?

    Don't wait. Do it now. I can't sign up early for Blue Ridge because my work schedule makes that time of year a virtual no-go for matches. Shoot more matches, earlier, whenever you can. Shooting matches makes you better.
  14. Ammo For Flasher Targets?

    Running different ammo for long range is great as long as the discrepancy in trajectory and possible POI shift doesn't bite you in the rear. Yeah, I know, zero for the long stuff and you should be good for 200 on in with the 55s. I shot a few matches with two ammo types that I selected based on target distance. It always bothered me. You may get lucky and have no POI difference other than trajectory. I was always waiting for that one stage where the POI difference would rear it's head and give me fits on a small piece of steel at 200 or so. If I felt I needed to shoot 69s or 77s I would shoot them on every stage except for stages that were exclusively 100 yards with a rifle or less.
  15. Optic magnification

    I often use intermediate magnification. Generally whatever level will let me keep at least a couple targets in the array in the sight picture at a time, so I don't get lost in transitions. 1-4x is plenty. Heck as Kurt mentioned 1x is plenty if you have decent target presentation. I have a 1-6x because it had the best reticle in my opinion. The awesome glass was just a bonus.