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  1. You are mistaken. Friday, February 15th at 9PM Eastern time is when the Pro Match application will be available - link: https://practiscore.com/pro-match-2019-rockcastle-3gun-proam/register Completing the Amateur application is a two step process: 1. Get a Registration Code on Friday, February 15th at 9PM Eastern time ( http://www.lchico5u.com/ProAmCodes.html), and 2. use link to the application sent in an email message. Linda Chico Rockcastle Pro-Am 3 Gun Registration
  2. I sent it last night to the email address on the registration form. It starts with EWFBui... If that is not the correct email address for you, you can change it on your personal link. Stages are posted at http://www.lchico5u.com/AL2018Stages.pdf. Overall match schedule is posted here: http://www.lchico5u.com/ALschedule.pdf Linda Chico
  3. I will get stages posted & send out a link tonight to all registered shooters & all on waiting list. Linda Chico
  4. DO NOT use that AM side link without a registration code. I will delete those entries. And 9:00 Eastern is the same time as 8:oo PM Central.
  5. Both on Practiscore https://practiscore.com/results/new/41663 Am Match posted final yesterday around 6:30 https://practiscore.com/results/new/41662 Pro match posted final today at 1:00 PM Linda Chico Sent from my RCT6303W87DK using Tapatalk
  6. My understanding was there are a few side shoots in the pistol bay area near Am1 & Pro2; as well as a side shoot near the Red Barn by Pro5. Just got the locations this morning. Sent from my RCT6303W87DK using Tapatalk
  7. Yes - that is the "Preliminary" copy of the map that the match director sent me months ago. I have never received an updated one. I understand he had to move a stage or two from the original plan. Also, the final map should have side matches on it. If I had anything that was accurate & finalized, I would have sent it last night with all other links. Linda Chico
  8. Last year I posted the prize table order as soon as the last shot was fired in the Amateur match. I plan to do that again. I do not want to post at check-in because I remove no-shows and DQ's from the list before I post it.
  9. Squadding will open late May & everyone will get at least a 2 weeks reminder or notice email. And both waiting lists have moved over 20 places since we started in mid February.
  10. My understanding is that they are now approved. Also, sent a notice out to all registered shooters. If you think you are shooting the match & did not get an email message from me tonight, get in touch. You may have an error in your email address. Since not everybody does Facebook, stages & schedule are also posted here: http://www.lchico5u.com/2017SC_Stages.pdf & http://www.lchico5u.com/Sat_Schedule.pdf
  11. Only if you are staff. Staff have "paid" their entry fee with their labor. The competitors who elect to shoot Friday pay the same entry fees as Saturday shooters.
  12. That notice on PractiScore about the number of slots "available" is my personal pet peeve. It counts ALL the slots available in the match - on every day. The bulk of the slots open are on Friday. There are less than 10 slots left for Saturday shooters. At other matches I work, when I tell someone they are on a Waiting List, they invariably message back that PractiScore says there are 15 slots still available. True. Only if you can shoot ANY schedule & in some cases, only if you are willing to shoot the staff day. Linda Chico
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