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  1. In case you missed it...the Bluegrass Sportsman's League outside Lexington, KY is hosting the best damned shotgun match in the country on September 28th. The fourth annual 2019 Bluegrass Shotgun Championship. Yeah - you've heard of it. You get nine (9) VERY heavy and challenging shotgun stages - bird, buck, slug; an included BBQ lunch; and a unique match HAT (you have enough shirts) - all for $125. Oh...did I mention the random draw prize table with at least four GUNS, crazy good gear/ammo and rare Kentucky BOURBON? Did I mention that 1st thru 3rd in
  2. So I took the barrel off of my Remington 1100 like I have have done before and when i went to put it back on the everything fit up right and fine but the slide won't go all the way foward
  3. Recently my Stoeger M3000 has been failing to fire the round in the chamber. The hammer drops, but nothing happens. I eject the shell and the primer hasn't been touched. This problem is intermittent. Usually occurring once every 25 rounds. It has always occurred on my first shot except for once when it occurred on the second. I have disassembled, cleaned, and reassembled the bolt, firing pin and trigger group. Nothing looks broken, stressed, or out of place. I've been shooting factory loads, federal field and target multi puropose load to be exact. If anyone has any knowledge on what is causin
  4. Shotgun only match. Walked into the start box, "load and make ready" "shooter ready?" "stand by" BEEP! blast my first four targets, reach down for the first four (plan was load 4 while moving) out of my Taccom vest...air. I only had 12 on my belt in weak hand caddies, so I was done early. There were 26 targets on the stage. 9+12 does not equal 26 in case you were wondering, especially when you are pysched out and miss a couple. I won't forget to put my vest on again.
  5. The 2Man Shotgun Team Challenge will be August 5, 2017 at The Clinton House Plantation in Clinton, SC. This will be an all shotgun team match of 2 individuals. The match fee will be $150 per team. Divisions will be Semi-Auto, Open, and Pump. The match will be 10 stages in a single day format to be followed by the prize table and a BBQ dinner. The BBQ dinner will be included int he match fees for competitors, however, we will be taking donations to raise money for Task Force Dagger. The stages will be fast, yet will offer you the opportunity to shoot plenty of rounds. It will be all birdshot an
  6. Has anyone ever heard of King Competition Products for Quad Loaders? See Link below. They look interesting, I believe made out of the UK and used on the European shotgun circuit. Would be interested to get reviews and comparisons (vs. Invictus, Taccom, etc.) http://www.kingcompetitionproducts.com/product/14/msh4g4-king-shell-holder
  7. I just got my open shotgun. Haven't had a chance to shoot it due to an Injury but this week I am feeling it will happen. It's a 21" Benelli m2 with xrail(26rd) and couple other mods. What ammo are u guys using? I am down to try a bunch of different ones but want to narrow it down while purchasing. I currently use federal cheap stuff in my 26" m2 set up for practical and Winchester hp deer slugs 1600fps with good luck. So I will try those. But let me know what u guys run. Thanks
  8. Can anyone point me to a shotgun case that will fit an m2 with the longest Nordic extension tube?
  9. This is info that may help some of you get most of your "JM Pro" items in one place. This is my first shotgun ever and your personal results or professional opinions may vary. These are "my" opinions and findings. They will help many people for sure. I did shoot USPSA for 9 years limited and open ranked A class. I 've usually found that many parts could be better and learned to "optimize" things to function better or to my taste and this new shotgun is not different. I always seem to the the one built on a Fri or Monday hangover. Mine is the 930 JM Pro, 22 inch 8+1 (9+1 w/XL Nordic) and
  10. Topton Fish and Game and Ontelaunee Rod and Gun Club will be holding a 3 Gun series in 2016. It will be a four match series with all matches counting towards the prize table, but you can qualify for prizes shooting as little as one match. The match fee will be $30.00 per match, with a one time $30.00 fee if you want to be eligible for the prize table. The total for all 4 matches and the prize table will be $150.00. The prize table be made up up cash and some other prizes donated by sponsors. We will also hold a drawing for random cash prizes. Anyone that is eligible for the prize table
  11. Announcing the inaugural Bluegrass Shotgun Championship July 30 at the Bluegrass Sportsmens League in Wilmore, Kentucky, just outside Lexington. This one day match will feature 9-10 challenging stages with short and fast bay-type stages and longer open terrain-type stages and everything in between. There are few shotgun-only matches this year and the Bluegrass Shotgun Championship promises to be the largest and perhaps only dedicated shotgun match east of the Mississippi in 2016. The match is limited to 100 shooters and registration is OPEN at Practiscore ($60 match fee). Match staff a
  12. The ultimate challenge of competitive shooting ability is back for 2015! The Trijicon Shooting Challenge, (previously the Trijicon World Shooting Championship), assembles shooters from around the world, to include amateurs and professionals alike, representing organized shooting sports worldwide and crown one competitor, the “Trijicon Shooting Challenge Champion.” This year’s event will be held October 21st-24th at the Rockcastle Shooting Center in beautiful Park City, KY. All shooters will compete over the course of 3 days in 12 equally weighted disciplines from various shooting sports. All
  13. After many hours of lurking on this and other forums, I finally decided which shotgun to buy for a noob in 3 gun and I picked up a new Stoeger M3K!!! The LOP and stock angle wasn't working. I cut a 1/2" off the stock butt and changed shims. Pretty darn perfect fit! I have Kick Eez pad and new HiViz site coming in. Oh...and new Briley bolt handle and release....in purple! I'm a girl...it's gotta match the gear! hahaha I am pretty stoked to have it and went outside to pattern the different chokes. Can you say....FU-UHN!!!??? Taking it to trap tonight to get to know it better. Just wanted
  14. The match is August 6-8, 2015 at Rockcastle Shooting Center. Competitors should plan to be at the Rock all day on the 7th and 8th. Staff will be shooting on Thursday the 6th, when competitors may view stages that are not occupied with staff. 14 stages, approximately ~270 rounds (bird, buck and slugs). 4 Short courses, 4 medium courses, 5 long courses and 1 really long course of 50+ rounds. At this time, I am planning about 50 rounds each of buckshot and slugs total in the match. 13 stages will be in compliance with the 2015 IPSC shotgun rules: http://www.ipsc.org/...ulesShotgun.
  15. A friend of mine picked up a Mossberg [see photo below] the other day and we went out shooting. Immediately when I picked it up, I noticed that there was no vent rib and that the bead sat directly on the barrel. When shooting, it was really hard to hit gently thrown clay pigeons. I wanted to pattern his shorgun on paper but we had none on hand. After shooting with him, I jumped online and looked at other pictures of Mossbergs with vent ribs and the bead sits exactly where it should be. What gives?!?! I would think that the POI would be WAY different between the two. [Also, I don't rea
  16. Hi, I'm looking to get into 3-gun and I've got a Browning auto-5 my dad gave me years ago. I love the gun, shot many a bird with it over the years but my question is would it be good for 3 gunning? I assume I'd have to get an extension tube (if they make them for that model). Also, I'm not looking to beat the heck outta that gun, would it be better to just buy a new shotgun and keep the Browning for the birds and the memories? Thanks.
  17. So, on my first 3 Gun match few weeks ago, I was able to smoothly Quad load (for most of the time) the one thing I had trouble figuring out was how to plan my loads between Slugs and Shot, mostly because I was afraid to miss. I was surprised that I ended up not missing a single shot with the shotgun, I just shot slow. I now have a pistol sight on my Versamax with a extension tube that would hold 10+1. My second match is next week and will be a mix of Birdshothot, Slugs and Buckshot with slug targets up to 110yrds. Any tips on how to plan the loads and how to have a contingency plan? I load w
  18. Tomorrow, the UPS driver will be delivering a batch of Lucas Oil Contact Cleaner and Extreme Duty Gun Oil. I'm hoping to retire all of my FrogLube products. They work fine, but I expect to get slightly better performance out of the Lucas Oil product line, given how I operate. However, I am missing at least one thing. What would be a good grease for higher wear locations on all three guns? Or am I over thinking this because the Extreme Duty product won't need the grease in spots? I'm accustomed to putting grease on slide rails and the like. Maybe one of the Lucas sponsored shooters has a
  19. hi everyone, hopefully the collective knowledge of brian enos forums can help me out with my shotgun issue. I've been shooting a remington 1100 for my 3-gun matches. I've opened the loading port, added dave's metal works easy loader, and added capacity to 10+1 its been a great shotgun that will run light loads and heavy loads perfectly... until recently. the interceptor latch broke and so i replaced it with a new part. now, the shotgun double feeds intermittently. it appears that the interceptor is not catching the shell as it rushes by. this new part is not contoured like my original p
  20. I recently was attending a Remington demo day at the Maidstone Gun Club in East Hampton NY Aside from the really cool suppressed MSR in .338 Lapua Magnum (NICE!) I got some one on one shotgun coaching from Charlie Conager from Remington. He was a great guy and a super instructor. I never was much of a shotgun shooter mainly due to my lack of success in hitting those damm clay pigeons with any sort of consistency. I'd nail a few then miss then nail a couple then miss...it was very frustrating. So when Charlie's first instruction was to "ignore the sights" I thought my hearing had gone out
  21. When I was 18 I bought an old Mosin Nagant with bayonet in decent shape but really dirty from a Pawn Shop for $50. I cleaned it up really well and got a great deal on some surplus ammo and had a good time shooting it. Since that wasn't the best weapon for home protection (I was always told a handgun was the way to go) so when I turned 21 I took it to the local gun shop and they took an even trade, my Mosin Nagant for a new in box Hi-Point .45 pistol. I bought a box of 20 bullets (for considerably more per bullet than I had payed for the ammo for the Mosin) and I shot it every now and then but
  22. Hey, New on the forum and thought I would introduce myself. I'm a Swedish competition shooter in IPSC handgun, rifle and shotgun… but mainly a rifle shooter. I am a very active competitor both in Sweden and internationally (over 50 matches in my two active years) and put a lot of time into my guns… building and tweaking for optimal results. I work as a tattoo artist since 20 years back and also do a lot of design work. Looking forward to a lot of interesting topics and posts. //Mikael "St.Michael" Schelén instagram.com/st.michael facebook.com/platinum.ink.tattoo.co
  23. I’ve been happily shooting my JM Pro for monthly outlaw and 3GN matches since April 2012, @ ~2,500 rounds. Once I added the Nordic shell follower I have been trouble free. Well almost. In May 2014 I had a failure to feed (shell kicked up on the lifter but stuck at the chamber entrance) near the extractor, but I figured it was a dirty gun. Cleaned the gun up and it shot fine in a practice session. Since then I am experiencing 3-4% of Federal Multi-purpose (Walmart) failing to chamber. Occasionally I can bump the bolt handle fwd and it chambers, but sometime I have to rack clear and re-rac
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