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  1. dillon....Removed aftermarket parts. Verified #3 shellplate and pins. Same problem. Tried 45 acp shellplate with factory parts, and aftermarket parts. Worked great. Shellplates ever go bad?
  2. Meant to say alignment tool is what I used, and the no.3 on the shell plate is facing up so it is positioned correctly. Should point out that I'm using a Level 10 Innovations Low mass shell plate bearing kit, with the long bolt, if that makes any difference.
  3. Just cleaned and lubed my 550b. Put it back together using indexing tool, and now the cartridges will not slide into the shell holder slots at station 1,2,3 or 4. Any ideas? Thanks
  4. Picked up bout 1000 rnds 5.56 military brass that has been sized and decapped, although I'm not sure about the sizing. Just curious as to if it has been sized or just decapped. How to tell for sure? Will be processing thru a dillon 550b. Does the sizing die have to be in press for other functions (charging, seating, etc) to work correctly? If it is already sized no need to size again, right? Thanks for any help.
  5. Have 1948 vintage 1911 in 38 super with non-ramped kart barrel. Gonna start reloading for it soon, and was wondering which brass to use. I've decided on Starline brass, but don't know weather to use +P or Super Comp. I presume they both headspace on the case mouth. I've read where some extractor work might be needed with the super comp. Does this work need to be done by a gunsmith or can it be done by self. Thanks in advance...Bill
  6. Anyone here ever heard of alpha lafranc custom bullets? Friend of mine just gave me 2 boxes for my 454 casull. Never heard of them before. Thanks
  7. Hand primed cause I am a not fully recovered single stage reloading user.
  8. Starting with sized and hand primed cases to be processed thru 550B. Do the cases have to be lubed ? Cases have already been sized, deprimed, cleaned, and primed. Reason I'm asking is that I read where it is best to have a die at each station when setting dies up. Hope you can understand my question...HA.....Thanks, Bill
  9. I'm using a short Starrett level, and on my bench it is just barely off level. I'll double check it with my RCBS 10-10. Another problem just showed up (Happy New Year) Ha. The letters and numerals on the scale are not lighting up all the way. Ever have a problem like that? Likely cause? Thanks, Bill
  10. Does the Dillon D-Terminator electronic scale have to be on a perfectly level surface to be accurate....Thanks, Bill
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