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  1. Every notification twice

    From IP: Hi Brian, I am still looking into this, yes - unfortunately, I have nothing new to report at this time. I have all of the information I need, though - the forwards were very helpful, so thanks for those. Regards, Ryan Ashbrook - Tier III Support
  2. Unresponsive script

    For now, I removed all the AL code that was installed in the forums. Let me know if you see any improvement.
  3. Ads slowing site wayyy down

    Let me know if you see any improvement.
  4. Ads slowing site wayyy down

    The forum loads consistently loads lightening fast for me. I did, however, remove all the (key)words that display on the forums home page from the AL code. Depending on your browser (and now I also have to say "device"), you may have to clear the cache / history / data for the changes to be observable.
  5. Unresponsive script

    Here's the tech reply from AvantLink... Hi Brian, I was clicking through on your website - I didn't see any Javascript errors and the ALE links appear to be loading correctly after clicking around to ~10 or so forum posts. Are there any pages that this happens on consistently? If you can help us find an example, would you please do the following? : 1. Click "stop script" when the popup appears 2. Open developer console with (ctrl + shift + i) or the F12 key on your keyboard 3. Please send a screenshot of what you see under the "console" tab - Any red / yellow messages here may indicate where the Javascript is failing to execute. There may be something in your site's javascript that is timing out, a possible infinite loop, a keyword being passed into the ALE API that it doesn't like, or a number of other possibilities. The more info you can provide the quicker we can find the solution with you. Let me know what you find in regards to the steps above. Have a great day Brian, I will set this ticket to pending while awaiting your reply.
  6. Unresponsive script

    I sent a ticket on it. Is anyone else seeing this issue? Also, perttime, when you see the error, in the Script link, is "www.avantlink.com" always in it?
  7. Did anyone else experience this issue?
  8. Simple Appreciation of Being

    Yes, Keep Quiet.
  9. All seems good now. If it happens again I'll start a ticket on it.
  10. 4th Quarter Forum Hosting Donations

    The Classified donations do "not count" to cover the hosting costs. But the donations for the first quarter went over the hosting costs. So overall for the year we are good. I'll start a new one for the fourth quarter soon.
  11. Please welcome our new dealer in BE's Vendor Tents - Mark 7 Reloading.
  12. 4th Quarter Forum Hosting Donations

    The Classifieds donations are not included in the Quarterly total. The Classifieds donations are from members that have profited from selling their stuff in the Classifieds forum.
  13. I changed a setting - you should be all set now.
  14. Every notification twice

    Please forward the duplicates to: rashbrook@invisionpower.com