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  1. Back on two wheels

    Impressive shave time.
  2. I've got feedback !!

    Thanks a lot! That sort of feedback is always nice to hear.
  3. Gary Stevens

    Gary is the man! Happy Birthday Gary!
  4. What did he say?

    That's hilarical!
  5. Need a new Netflix addiction...

    Anyone watch Legion (Netflix)? I watched the fist episode last night... It's out there / trippy.
  6. Not to my mind. On the steel targets, a "sight picture" was not involved. And, it was one shot per target, so a hard stop on the target was not necessary. On a paper target, you would usually be shooting 2 shots on each target. For that, I can stop the gun and see / know that the sights are in the A box as quickly as I can not do that.
  7. It's up to you to learn, for every target at any distance, "what you need to see." Many things can be implied by "seeing your sights." A book could be written on just that topic. For me, I can only think of one scenario - or 4 targets specifically - that seeing the front sight clearly was not the goal, or not necessary. The Steel Challenge's Smoke and Hope. For the first 4 targets, all I needed to see, or know - was that the slide was pointed near the center of each target.
  8. how to train to shoot Alphas

    This. Just doing that should fix the problem. You should shoot so you know all your shots are A's, without having to see the target.
  9. You can see what you need to see to know that your gun is pointed at the A box at 3 yards in the same time you cannot know that.
  10. Some offhand shooting tips here: http://brianenos.com/pages/words#accuracy
  11. Did I hit the wrong button?

    Your log in is now: mike NM.
  12. Did I hit the wrong button?

    Mike, Since your mike NM account has 523 posts, and your mikeNM account only has 3 posts, I can "merge" the mikeNM account into the mike NM account, if you want. Then you'd just log into the mike NM account from then on out. Let me know...
  13. Pay close attention to your "pre-thoughts" about each stage, and only allow those that are positive.