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  1. I feel like I got some good stuff in there. I remembered something about myself that I had forgotten. Get me going on a topic and I can ramble on an on. When I was in Jr. High School, and I had to do a book report, I'd get up in front of the class with no notes and just start talking about whatever I remembered / was interesting to me. The teacher would have to stop me / tell me to go back to my desk at some point. Cause I'd never finish. After the interview was over... The next day I thought, "man, I barely even got started."
  2. I recently recorded a Skype interview with Arik, from Shooters Summit. It will go live on their site December 17th, and continue to run for free through December 23rd. You can also watch interviews with 30 other top instructors during that time period for free. Sign up and claim your FREE ticket here: www.shooterssummit.com/brianenos.
  3. Old Time IPSC shooters

    Yes, those were the days - the Thursday night matches at the National Guard Armory were it. My favorite part of those nights was us all having dinner afterwards. Some sort of Bob's Big Boy sort of place. I can still remember one particular night when me and you and Robbie talked about shooting in the parking lot for at least an hour after dinner was over.
  4. From IP: That is not consistent with what we've seen since the firewall update.
  5. How to focus better?

    Good one. Indeed, you cannot be (aware of the) shooting if you are thinking.
  6. How to focus better?

    Yes. See the target (perfs if you can), then back to the sights as the come into the target, stay on the sights until you call the second shot, then shift the focus to the next target, and repeat. The key being that you knew you saw the target before the sights appeared on it.
  7. Two RF 100's is the way to go.
  8. How to focus better?

    You've accurately described the reason or the source of the mysterious Mike. Shoot some stages where you consciously back down 5 - 10% off the pace that you'd typically shoot at. The goal being - there is never a moment that you are not fully aware of what you are aware of. Just calmly cruising along... Seeing everything you need to see to call each shot. The next time you have a mysterious Mike, search your memory for the stage and see if you can find a "blank spot" - just a brief moment when there was not a sense of certainty about what you did or did not see.
  9. From IP: We've updated the policy on the firewall in front of the platform - please let us know if you still see those appearing.
  10. Transition Drill Part 1

    3 part 2's just sent in PM.
  11. From IP: Hello, we will review this internally and see what we can do on these bots for you, we will be back with you after this is completed. Thank you
  12. I started a ticket on it. How can there be so many Guests viewing with the same IP address?
  13. Good one Paul! I will do that.
  14. Including Guests, there are 1,137 Members online now. What's going on?