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  1. Dillon prices

    Look for the ones made by Jofer.
  2. Dies for 650

    I have and use both Dillon and Lee dies for pistol calibers. Dillon dies are great once you get them set/adjusted. I like the adjustability of the Lee dies and also the price
  3. Dillon prices

    I've had luck purchasing tool heads from that auction site. Conversion kits I get directly from Dillon. If you have a few calibers already, it may make sense to use the Dillon spreadsheet that shows you the specific part numbers for each conversion. You may find that you don't need all of the parts in a specific conversion kit, just buy those specific part numbers you need.
  4. 650 Reloading Poll

    OP, it would be interesting to see another variable/element added to this (or a future poll) which shows, rounds loader per session (on a 650) and if a case feeder was installed. I used to load 100-300 during a session, when I was manually loading cases in the tube. Once I installed a case feeder, my sessions now start at 300 (rather than end there) and go up.
  5. Alliant Sport Pistol

    Once you've had a chance to work up and test some loads, it would be appreciated if you'd come back here and provide you thoughts/data.
  6. Top 3 pistol powders

    Interesting results (thanks for the graph Greg) which seem to highlight perceived value compared to benefit. Interested to see survey results if this were conducted next season, considering there's several new'ish powders on the market, targeted towards action pistol shooters. Also curious if similar results would apply to major PF reloaders, as many of the powders also are used for major PF.
  7. Storage box

    Bulk storage for practice ammo (not every round is case gauged) and hinged 100-count plastic cases for match ammo
  8. SP-01 won't group anymore

    jealousy? Perhaps consider a date-night.... On a more serious note, have you changed your reloading recipe between 'then' and now?
  9. Not sure about the rest of the folks here, but I use my left hand to stabilize the bullet as it is going up into the seating die. If I were to drop a bullet on a 'bell'd' case and let it ride up to the seating die unassisted, it wouldn't work so well.
  10. 650 Reloading Poll

    I like to keep around 1000 loaded rounds for each caliber that i shoot. I load 100-300/day after work. The number of days during the week that I reload is dependent upon my practice and match schedule. I use the Vibra prime unit (I know some folks love it, others hate it; I'm in the former group) to reload primers so it only takes a minute or less per 100. When I take a break to reload primers, I case gauge all the loaded rounds, refill the bullet tray and do some other QC checks. Not the fastest way to reload, however I am not looking to break the world reloading speed record. If reloading were a USPSA sanctioned activity, I'd be a C/D ranked reloader. All alphas (quality/accuracy) however my times (speed) would be miserable.
  11. Shadow 2 safety on Tactical Sport

    Here's what the S2 safeties CZ-USA is selling, look like
  12. Hi Matt, Just saw you post, the chrono still works as well as the day I bought it. Looking at the app on my phone, I've chrono'd 147 sets of groups. Normally my groups are 10-round groups, sometimes 15. Using 10, I've put close to 1500 rounds across the chrono.
  13. What recoil spring weight are you running in your TSO .40?

    Holy frame battering, sonic slide velocity batman! Just teasing Interested to see if there is any correlation between low recoil spring weight and broken parts.
  14. Anyone tried Prima SV and Prima V?

    I use the Prima V because it's cheaper than N320, almost as clean (can get smokey when temp/humidity is high) and meters a bit better too. I've tried ba9.5 for 9, however it was requiring more powder to make same PF as N320 (with no significant benefits), so I decided to stop
  15. why are S&B primers so cheap ?

    I've loaded about 5K on my 650 with no issues during loading or firing. Picked up another 10K during this sale!