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  1. secondary sight ( RDS) mounting

    On top of the main scope is a LOSER. The hold off from sight over bore is only magnified on the close range targets WHICH ARE THE VERY TARGETS THAT YOU WILL BE ENGAGING WITH THE RDS!!! Use a Warne RAMP mount or mount on the hand guard at 45. I zero for 50 so it's close to the zero of the primary optic. Personally I prefer a smaller dot.
  2. Question for the rifle gurus

    I think you should get thee to a benchrest forum. A 1 MOA gun would win nearly every high-power service rifle match much less 3 gun or IPSC rifle events. This is an irrelevant rabbit hole.
  3. Shoot Hornady. Super accurate, no fires, and JJ doesn't complain.
  4. 200 METERS with optics (usually 75 grain bullets). When shooting open, I zero the dot at 50. My optics are usually calibrated to a 200m zero and I think it's a great all around zero for optics. 300 YARDS with irons (usually that's with 53-55 grain bullets - shooting flatter is better with irons and IPSC rifle stops at 300 meters which is the only place I'd shoot irons anymore.)
  5. Shot pistol with Rob Leatham and Kyle Schmidt. Bianchi yesterday as well. They make me feel like I suck!
  6. Thank God for a match that will do Single Gun stages! Multigun has too many multigun stages IMHO. Wish I could have attended, maybe in 2018!
  7. All I'm going to say is this: that was one of the best 3 gun events that I've ever attended. It was better than SOF and rivaled North American Tactical, Ft. Benning, and the BEST of the Blue Ridge and SMM3G matches
  8. Favorite optic for PCC

    Delta Pro with 2.5 MOA dot
  9. PCC optics

    Leupold DeltaPro!
  10. Luke, let go of your hate. And don't worry about me, I've got my SOF legal mag pouches BACK FROM WHEN I SHOT SOF!!!!!! Kyle Lamb also ran a tactical match back in the day and he didn't require specific mag pouches but heck what does he know? The stages will test your gear and I'm sure they will as I've shot Eric Miller/Jimmy Holdsworth matches before. "Frozen in amber" keeps getting used as it is 100% accurate. But you're correct, nothing has changed since 1999. We shouldn't even shoot JP rifles at this JP sponsored event. We should all get Steyr AUGs or stock M4s with an ACOGs or Aimpoints b/c that is the way it is in the "real world." And M9 Berettas or if you made it thru OTC, then a .40 Glock or (if you're old enough) a 1911 with Wilson 10 rd magazines. Anything else is not "real world." Like a Safariland AR mag pouch. That's WAY out.
  11. I'm pretty sure that Resurgence won't be just like any other 3 gun match. The facility and stage designers will see to that. But I, for one, welcome our new rules. Frozen in amber rules from 1999 just don't make a lot of sense given the last 17 years of development of tactical gear (15 years of which have been at war) and competition gear.