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  1. I can't resist... " Get a Ford or Get a Dodge Rusty Chevy !!!
  2. You asked about a cheap single stage press. Look art the LEE Classic Cast Press. The ram is hollow and spent primers and gunk go down a tube like on a Redding Big Boss 2. Get the standard one not the Breech Lock version. You can remove the bushing and buy Hornaday Lock & Load die holders and an insert to put them in the press. The lever arm is adjustable in both length and angle so you can find what works for you. If you buy from Brownells you get their Lifetime warranty on it. Just watch for a free shipping sale. They have them priced at $109.00 currently. Which is $30 less than the Rockchucker Supreme that will have you chasing primers all over the room and cleaning up primer gunk all over your press. The spent primer issue is why many people pay $40 more to get the Redding Big Boss 2 over the RCBS. Ultimately accurate rifle reloading is the result of the operator. You can make quality ammo on a small Sinclair Press or LEE loader at the range if you are diligent.
  3. FYI your screwed... You can't sell that press either. Nobody wants to be the one that took her memories from her. 500 per hour each week is 25,000 cartridges per year. Some long winter afternoons will let you roll a few thousand more.
  4. I suspect that Dillon is content making a product that 70% of their customers are happy with right out of the box. Another 25% buy the host of after market parts and get there Press to work the way they like it. The remaining 5% sell their Press for 70-80% of retail price and move away from reloading. The Dillon Product line is showing its age. So if the market place reduces sales they will intrudes a new models. Until then they will not shelve their current product. RCBS came out with ProChucker 5&7 station presses. They are still full of growing pains as reviews and factory issued modifications are sent out. Lee has a new 4 station Progressive Press that uses the same tool holder/ Turret as their 4 hole Classic Cast Turret Press do out in the next 12 months. I have not heard anything about Hornady. I suspect Dillon will be moving to new products as well. They have plenty of discontinued models from the past so they are not against change. They are also required to stay on the top of the hill to maintain their pricing. I suspect more stations and a swagging station are on the new Dillon. I would like to see a move away from primer tubes as well on their new Press. RCBS abandoned their strip clip of primers to the shagrin of their loyalists. Not sure if the patents are up on that or not. Being able to load primer strips with a hand primer while watching TV and have a thousand ready vs filling pick up tubes seems nice.
  5. Do you find that Bayou Bullets shoot better with a dash of Tobasco in the Barrel ? ( wink )
  6. The slight amount of play is by design to permit precision alignment. When all the dies are aligned with cases in each station the toolhead aligns and does not move when the shell plate is up. Think Forester CoAx Press.
  7. Elvisammo on YouTube just did a video measuring the velocity of the three types in three of his guns. He also linked in the comments to Fourtunecookie 45's video where he did a similar test.
  8. Better/ easier lubrication with grease fittings and grooves.
  9. I can use a 9mm shell holder to separate out 380 brass when I hand Prime. Not sure about the other calibers mentioned. I found that inspecting cleaned & deprimed brass makes me sleep better. While I hold it in my hand I go ahead and Prime it.
  10. Question about the Lee Factory Crimp Die. So if you pass your cartridge thru a FCD: Do you find they do not pass your case gage ? If so, which brand of case gauge ? Do you find they do pass the infamous 'plunk test' ? I find they all plunk test. I don't own a case gauge.
  11. Once you climb over the reloaders that fainted from seeing shelves full of Primers at my local Cabellas you can find the pistol size ones...
  12. I had posted about how the Forester, new MEC Marksmen and Lee Cast Turret have play/cant as part of their design: The Forester has shell holder and die movement. The MEC Marksman has floating shell holder "patent-pending shell holder self-centers each cartridge" Lee has an indexing turret that has some play that aligns to the shell holder. Dillion Precision current design uses the same idea to make their match grade presses. The Earlier Dillon Presses had threaded holes in the casting over the shell plate.
  13. The Classic Turret with the arrow shaped base is very simple to use. * The primers drop down the ram like on a Redding to a tube or container. * The lever arm can be adjusted to a shorter stroke for pistol calibers. * The AutoDrum powder measure is wonderful in that you buy a $4 drum for each load and save it for next time. * The Safety Prime system is safe and simple. * Turrets are less than $15 The Turret Play/ Tilt is by design to ensure the case aligns. The Brass and die are both round so they work together to self align if one has some play. Forester Coax has movement in their shell holder and die so that they align. The new MEC single stage has a floating shell holder to align things. The die & case are not intended to be secured down like a single stage or a progressive working on multiple cases. This confuses many people. I size and deprime my brass before I clean so I can examine the primer pocket before loading (see pic). So I have a turret set up just for his. I also have started hand priming while I am holding it in my hand to inspect. This way I can inspect the primer is below flush and sitting correctly. I would pull the case on the press to insect anyway. I have a Hornady Bullet feeding die on mine in the open station. I just drop in the top of the die. It holds (7) 9mm I think. Inline fabrication makes a cartridge eject system that is interesting. I have not bought one. Lee claims 250 per hour which is doable for pistol I imagine. With a bullet feeder and an cartridge ejector it is with in easy reach. Lee also recommends a progressive if you load more than 500 per week. Keep in mind that 500 per week is shooting 25,000 per year. Spending an hour of 'alone time' loading 200 per week will yield 10,000 per year.
  14. This photo was posted in another forum. The question was to scrap or reload. Note that this was found because the user deprimed, cleaned their 9mm brass and inspected it rather than depriming on stage 1 during their progressive loading.
  15. I think this is why Brian recommends the 550. It works well and has fewer things that will consume time from pulling the handle. You can make 36,000 rounds per year spending 15 minutes making 100 per day.