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  1. Because I have a case feeder and mr bullet. But that seems much more affordable. So can you give me tips on how to change everything over. I already load small rifle primers so that is fine. I can easily get a new powder drop and micrometer bar for it. What about prepping the brass.
  2. Recommendations on tools needed with 550 to properly prepare brass. Powder bullets. Treet me like a noob but be nice please. I load 9 major on a 650 with case feeder and Mr bullet. I consider myself more than proficient with that. But with rifle for competition/range no experience
  3. Content called me today and said the literally had to use hoppes no 9 and an exacto balde to get it clean. They said this is the most extreme way they clean glass.
  4. Damn that is a good idea. Will be trying that as soon as my goodies from RMR get here
  5. I currently load to 1.170 or so but I can stick 1.189 in the chamber. I'm gonna try like 1.140 to start and see how it goes.
  6. Matchmaster for open. Glowck 17 19 43 for carry.
  7. I will probably load with Tite group simply for the fact I have over 10 pounds of it and shoot it all the time
  8. What do y'all think of these bullets. In talking with the guys at Rocky mountain you need 1100fps for expansion. My comp likes 124's at 173-180pf. I'm still using CFE pistol for major loads. 6.8 grns right now on a BBI 125 GRN. Tite group 3.8 grns for everything else. Seen a few say the need to be seated a little deeper. Any help would be great.
  9. I ordered 3k RMR JHP'S today. We will see where it goes from here
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