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  1. I haven't benched the gun to see what it's really capable of, but the accuracy is more than suitable for practical shooting. I use my major loads at local outlaw steel shoots, and I'm able to ping 6" targets quickly at 25 yards with no trouble. They're slightly oversized at .356", and I think that contributes to their good performance.
  2. I shoot RMR 124gr Hardcore Match RN plated bullets. They are completely plated, and I have minimal buildup in my comp after ~10k rounds. 8.1 cpr, and free shipping on bullet orders.
  3. What was your load with CFE?
  4. Looking at the match booklet for Optics Nationals, it looks like there's a whole lot of shooting through ports, and a little bit of shooting around barricades (although that's hard to judge). I personally think that a traditional Open shooter is going to have the advantage over PCC shooters, but we'll see. There are enough far targets and difficult partials that might be easier for PCC shooters that they could make up the difference.
  5. I've been using them for a year so far, and they've been excellent. A little bit of blue loctite on all screws once you get them set up on your belt how you like, and they work great. They come with inserts that will allow them to work with pretty much any mag on the market.
  6. I'm shooting open and still using these knockoffs: http://www.ebay.com/itm/IPSC-USPSA-Adjust-Angle-Tension-Universal-CR-Speed-Pistol-Magazine-Mag-Pouch-/291832671299?hash=item43f2952c43:g:1kkAAOSwXrhXnIak
  7. Yeah, my minor load is 5.2gr PP with a 124 rn. 5.0gr is crazy light with a 115. My kind of regular load for a 115 HP was 6.0gr PP, a full grain higher than what you've got going, OP.
  8. Match booklet posted on the Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/spacecitychallenge/ I don't see anything about allowing stage inspection on Thursday.
  9. I bought one of these and installed it last week. It is able to chamber some 124gr loads at 1.13", so it's short throated. 1.12" seems to accommodate everything. I've got some 147gr HP on the way to test with it, but I don't have high hopes for being able to load long.
  10. They all look good to me. Maybe some slight cratering, and infrequent primer flattening.
  11. That's what I did, and those are pretty much my results. My current load is 6.6gr CFE with a 124, and it makes 169pf. Only reason I don't load hotter is because I'm shooting a Glock and don't want to push it too hard. CFE doesn't make a great deal of gas, so keep testing until you see pressure signs, and pay attention to how well the comp is working. You might find that a hotter load performs much better. After all, a little more recoil is okay if your gun is shooting flat.
  12. 210pf. Lol, you were pushing that through a Glock?
  13. I've had four that I've been running since they were released last year. I'm totally on board the Magpul magazine train, they've been absolutely perfect throughout many matches. I start off with my big stick, but any reloads are with the Magpul 21's. I'm excited to try the 27's if they are ever released.
  14. Huh, I didn't realize the Glock basepads fit on the Metalform magazines. Is there any fitting you have to do? That's a very helpful post, and I like your idea to reload with the smaller 20 rounders. I can actually reload those fairly quickly like my handgun, so I may just have a couple of those on my belt bullets forward for classifier reloads. Also, who made your lower, and what particular Taccom magwell do you use?
  15. I've been practicing with my Colt magazine AR9, and I've found that the 32 round magazines are so long that they are hard to guide into the magwell when I try to reload the gun like my handgun. I imagine when I put an extension on there that it's just going to get harder to align properly. I experimented last night with a typical "beer can" grip rifle reload and I seemed to have more success with it, even saving around half a second on my reloads with that method. With a little bit of grip tape on the magazine, I can also reliably seat the magazine. So I guess my question here is: how does everyone perform their reloads? Is there any particular disadvantage to doing a reload as I describe?