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  1. Oh man, that'll be one sweet S2
  2. Hahaha, I'd better start saving again
  3. Boom, There it is!!!
  4. CZ USA confirmed today through an instagram post that the new Shadow 2 is now NORI approved for USPSA Production. Shoot em' if you got em' guys and gals.
  5. Yes, with current rule book it is legal in ESP. Last year it was only legal in ESP on the 75B SA, but this year it's good to go on any model.
  6. I've been shooting more USPSA lately as well, hence the haven't shot IDPA yet this year. But I'm really looking forward to trying it out
  7. I am heading off to compete in the Centeral CA Regional sactioned match in acouple of weeks and haven't shot a single match under the new rules. How quickly did everyone adapt to the new rules? Is there any particular rules that you have been struggling to get use to? I would consider myself to be a quick learner and feel competent with a handgun. I'm looking forward to trying out the new book but a tiny part of me is thinking I might screw something up.
  8. Boss hanger with a Bladetech holster on a Safariland ELS belt
  9. Which mainspring are you using?
  10. I got notice for final payment today.
  11. That' That's what I was thinking too.
  12. I sent payment 11/7/16, I got confirmation receipt 11/15/16. Still no word besides that.
  13. What Facebook group? I thought I was a member of all the CZ groups, hahaha.
  14. I know in IDPA it is not allowed in SSP rules. I am not 100% sure on USPSA production, but it seems to me I've looked into it at one time and it was a no go.
  15. Get the mecgar 17 round mags with springer precision base pads