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  1. That looks very nice.
  2. I feel fine. PCC has yet to touch me in my no no spot.
  3. The butthurt over PCC is hilarious.
  4. Who really gives a rip about classifiers or some silly card? HOA or bust.
  5. and 9 of the top 10 were shooting... super
  6. Option Z: Toss stage. Not legal
  7. Considering the grip is nearly that cost, doesn't seem out of line.
  8. If you added red dots to revolvers, around here we would go from one revolver shooter to the same revolver shooter with a red dot.
  9. Why is your crimp now?
  10. TJ is pretty much cut down 223 brass. The rim is slightly smaller and the case volume is a little less due to the base of the brass being thicker and in theory stronger.
  11. Yeah but when you and 5 other people pick up my brass, I get most of it back. LOL STOP GIVING AWAY MY SECRETS! Now everybody will be doing it.
  12. Lol. That is the same old tired line. Exactly how many people get all their 9mm brass for FREE? Very few unless they are picking it up on the range. Oops. I thought you guys hated picking up brass. Without exception every 9major shooter I know pays roughly $30/k for brass. None of them pick up a single piece at a match. So they pay .03 per shot in just brass. I pick up 90% of my brass at matches and load them until they split, at least 15-20 times. You do the math. Not to mention all the blown case heads and time spend sorting brass by head stamp, dealing with crimps, stepped brass, yada yada yada. You can have all that 9mm brass.
  13. The only reason 9major exists is to save money and even that is questionable. If 38 SC brass was the same high availability and low cost as 9mm brass, 9 Major would not exist. You made an excellent choice going with SC.
  14. Not that I am aware of either. That is why I asked the question. It's all silly. I don't even think PCC has been HOA in a real match.
  15. People keep mentioning HOA and winning money. Exactly how many majors has PCC been HOA?