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  1. I think as time goes on, you will see more people move to the 3G style carts with rifle racks. Guys around here are mounting scabbards on the DAA range carts that hold the guns muzzle down in a vertical fashion. Seems to speed things up considerably
  2. Nah. I don't really care what anyone else does.
  3. I think PCC is fun in the off season, just not something I would want to do at majors. It is virtually impossible for me to switch back and forth from open to PCC so it will be a winter time thing I will play around with. Pcc is fun but pistols are way more funner.
  4. Yeah. It is soooo easy after many months of PCC there are only 8 GM in the country. Those GM score are still hard to come by.
  5. Much hand wringing over nothing. If the stages are typical Nats stages, Open will beat PCC by 20%.
  6. The dot isn't slowing you down. Your lack of experience with the dot is slowing you down. Takes time.
  7. I didn't. And I know several others that didn't. We were told to pound sand by CED. The DAA pack is garbage in my opinion. It's really surprising since I consider everything else made by DAA to be top shelf.
  8. Plated bullets suck. A lot of them will be egg shaped in any given box. I have never been able to get them to group no matter what I did.
  9. They are mounts on Ebay for less than $20 I have been told.
  10. I have one an it works great. It isn't necessary to pre process brass with the Mk7 anymore than it is if you are pulling the handle.
  11. I would argue that it is one of the weakest.
  12. Just found this website. Looks like a shooters version of the Onion or Duffleblog. Some of this stuff has my side hurting. Be careful there is some not so nice language on some of these.
  13. That would be correct.
  14. I think the only people who don't benefit from a shorter gun are those sensitive to blast. And even then, if you stick with it for a few hundred rounds most people don't notice it anymore. The akai tungsten sleeved guns are just as soft shooting as a full size with the benefit of faster transitions. I am a fan of the smaller optics, the Deltapoint Pro of the RTS 2, but that is highly subjective.
  15. You statement is likely true. But the statement I quoted "There is a reason all of your top shooters are shooting long pistols." is not even close to accurate. The trend at the top is short, heavy guns. There are exceptions but the majority are going that way. A short gun with a heavy metal grip just transitions better. The gun that won at FLOP weighs almost 60 oz. 4.5" V8 with metal grip and tungsten sleeved barrel.