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  1. Never a good idea to try to carry on a bag that was used as a range bag.
  2. The factory grip weight is NOT tungsten in any of the guns.
  3. After about 20k (and still going) on a 12# wolf on a tungesten guiderod, you seem to be reinventing the wheel.
  4. The regular X5 grip weight is steel.
  5. Stop over thinking it. If you have to draw from an unorthodox position... 1. Don't try to do a crazy stretch to gain a few inches. Stand naturally. 2. look at the gun in the holster
  6. Precision Delta is setting up to sell loaded 38SC right now.
  7. I fixed my Winchester primer problem in the RF100 by switching to CCi
  8. Correction. My order was placed on 4/25 so over 2 months.
  9. Good luck. I have had one on order for just shy of 2 months.
  10. They are harder than wood pecker lips.
  11. excellent news. Hopefully I will see mine soon based on that. Shay already sent me a mount.
  12. Akai hass them ready to go. Give Shay a call tomorrow.
  13. a 5moa? There are lots of them out there now with the smaller dots. I have yet to hear of anyone getting a 5.
  14. As far as I am hearing NO ONE outside of a few testers have seen a 5moa yet. I have had one on order for nearly 2 months.
  15. I just switched my guns to 10 moa RTS2's from 8 moa and they are even brighter
  16. It's not necessary when you are running metal grip. My buddy has been running one like that for 4 years with the lug gone.
  17. Not to make light of the adjustment screw moving, but how does one determine that POI has moved by .5" Especially with a 1moa adjustment? A quick fix would be a dab of clear fingernail polish over the adjustment screw.
  18. are you talking about the lug for the front grip screw?
  19. There is no substitute for repetitions when it comes to finding the dot.
  20. Cmore has V5 boards out now. And I was told the Helia is in fact an RTS2 made in the same factory in China.
  21. If I had guns that wouldn't at minimum make it through a 10 stage match, I would get new guns. Seriously, you shouldn't have to deal with that. When custom open guns will go well over 1000 rounds between cleanings, not making it through a match is just ridiculous. I won't even go into the probable negatives to your match performance. Your goal should always be to simply show up and shoot. Not worry about equipment.
  22. I'm still trying to figure out why you would want/need to clean a gun at a match?
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