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  1. BigGabe

    Want to add adjustable comb on shotgun around Atlanta

    Tron would be the go to guy. Just send him the stock. Fast turn around and a professional job. If you do send your stock be sure to put something between the ears to help reinforce them. during shipping.
  2. BigGabe

    Ever had a gun that fit you well just... Not agree with you?

    Had a Ljutic Mono I shot trap with. Had a stock made to fit me so I could get the correct sight picture. Struggled with it for 6 months. For me it swung and balanced terrible. Felt like swinging a 2x4. Lost an average of 4 to 5 birds. Finally traded it off for a Perazzi. Scores went back up. Sometimes even if a gun fits you, it might feel better then what it was, but still not great.
  3. Glad you found one Jerry. Gabe
  4. BigGabe

    Briley Invector ds choke

    Briley chokes are as good as any. Choke depends on the relationship of the bore diameter versus the choke constriction. If the bore measures .729 and choke measures .719 that would be IC, same .010 constriction as a .740 bore with a .730 choke. .021 difference in choke sizes, both improved cylinder choke, but different internal diameter. So the choke tube constriction has to be matched to the bore diameter to get the choke you want. .000-cylinder, ..005-skeet 1, .010- IC, ect,ect.
  5. Well, your gunsmith probably tried all these places but they are worth mentioning. Do a search. Should be easy to find. Good luck. Jack First Gun Parts Corp Nu Line Guns Hoosier Gunworks Midwest Gunworks
  6. I agree. doesn't look good at all. As said I would get in touch with the manufacturer or builder. Not only to ask about the chip but the barrel as well.
  7. BigGabe

    C-More Tactical Railway loose

    I pretty much use the blue locktite. It works and never had a problem with it.
  8. BigGabe

    How to Determine Best LOP for an AR9 PCC?

    I definitely think it's personal preference. Try different lengths and see what you like and works the best.
  9. BigGabe

    Gun Cleaning Spray Alternative

    Personally I like the the brake clean in the spray cans. Can usually find it on sale in the $3 range
  10. A good gunsmith should be able to fix it.
  11. BigGabe

    Bullet weight for sti

    Yep I'm going to have to vote for 180's as well. Just a good weight class.
  12. I prefer the shoe as well. I set it low on the trigger. Feels much better then the stock mpx trigger.
  13. BigGabe

    TTI MPX Extensions

    I was wondering that as well. Guess I'll just force the spring over. If it gets bent out of shape I'll just bend it back.
  14. BigGabe

    16 moa c-more

    Check out Dawson Precision or Shooters Connection. I have an 8 and 6 there was no difference in price. SC list a 4,6 and 8. Same price.
  15. BigGabe

    16 moa c-more

    I favor the 12 moa as well. I've tried 6 and 8, the 12 just seems easier for me.