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  1. What do you mean how reliable? Its good info and provides plenty of places to start. Start low, work up, chrono.
  2. I've returned payments and cancelled deals over someone putting gun related comments in the payment. I'd rather cash a money order that says Hookers and Blow on it, than get a paypal that says "Brass" or "Magazines" on it.
  3. What prep will you be doing?
  4. I wouldnt use paypal for a transaction that large. Im sure people have and do all the time, its just not worth the risk to me.
  5. Email Beth Martin. She is working on compiling the 2016 competitors, but it was initially sent to the 2017 competitors. edit - I'll PM you the survey ink
  6. We already have an open modified division, it's just not recognized at Bianchi. Open Modified would be really close to Carry Optics.. except you don't have to use a slide ride optic and can have a compensator. No wings allowed. I don't know about a mover base. It was intended to draw in USPSA Open shooters.. how well has that worked? 3.1.2 Open Modified Firearm - Any semi-automatic handgun or revolver used in competition shall be serviceable and safe. If any pistol is observed to be unserviceable or unsafe, it shall be withdrawn at the request of the tournament director. The term “firearm” as used in these rules includes anything attached, permanently or temporarily, to the pistol. Wings are prohibited. All standard safety features of guns must operate properly. Similar to the USPSA arguments, Carry Optic guns are legal in Open, or Open Modified. Shoot them there. I don't feel it will increase local participation, or numbers at the Cup. Just because someone can't shoot a 1900 with a Glock and slide mounted dot doesn't mean we should create a division for them. We have classifications for that type of thing. I would be open to the discussion of updating the Open Modified rules. No mover base, no wings. Any red dot mount on any firearm.
  7. Less your tax rate. Dont shoot so well next time. You'll come out ahead. [emoji12]
  8. The only issues I have with handgun rounds is leaving my rifle distances set up (10, 30, 40, 70, 100, something like that) and I shoot a handgun on the 50 yard range. It goes nuts "looking" for a bullet beyond 50 yards. Set it to 45 and under, works perfect. BBI, Zero, Hornady, subsonic blackout. Doesnt matter.
  9. It was posted at the match hotel. $10k 1st $3k 2nd $350 # - 16th (open) $250 19th (open) Thats all I know/remember.
  10. My Labradar has been great. I used the light bar setup and built a cardboard box around my Prochrono digital. That made a world of difference. Still prefer the Labradar.
  11. You can get a lot of house (in my opinion) for 2-300k around KC. The main ranges are Mill Creek, in Desoto Kansas, or Pioneer Gun Club in Bates City, Mo. Olathe, Shawnee, and Overland Park, Kansas would have some of the nicer areas decently close to Mill Creek Lee's Summit, and Blue Springs, Missouri would have some of the nicer areas and be closer to Pioneer. I would pick the area that gives you the best daily commute and meets your criteria for neighborhood/schools/amenities. From most better residential suburbs, you can drive to and shoot at all the area matches and ranges within an hour.
  12. Lee U-die, Hornady or Redding Seat/Crimp. No FCD required.
  13. I didn't say anything about who runs the match or not.
  14. The problem rumored with hosting WAPC before Bianchi is that NRA Annual Meetings are May 19-22 (in Chicago of all places) Bianchi will probably be May 22-25 unless they stray from the typical dates. So we'd be looking at May 12-13 as the next earlier available weekend, which is Mothers day if that matters. Scratch the Ag match, run WAPC May 22-23, Bianchi May 24-27. Both in Columbia. Depending on turn out, shooting both in approximately 4-5 days might be possible.
  15. Yep. Steel, Ti, or AL. Just thought I'd check on this one before going with EGW or Clark.