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  1. A few new sponsors listed. Sig was probably waiting to see that the P320 X-5 was ruled legal for production, may even have got a bonus that the magwell is legal. http://bianchicup.nra.org/
  2. I use it for .223 as well as blackout. Depending on your personal setup, you might need a spacer under the shroud to keep it in the right spot. Just a pc of PVC would work. I do not need it, but could see it if the port on the 223 die were any taller. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  3. Friends, beer, and at least 192 shots for record. That we can count on.
  4. +1..It appears that something is causing the bullet to seat crooked.
  5. I picked it up. It's well used, but thats what I bought it for. No rust or pitting, but could use a re-blue. Probably get a trigger job for it and go. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  6. Looking at a used Super Sport, owner says its 10yo and has 5k through it. Is 5k a lot? What all should I check out? Any issues to look for? Ive shot quite a bit though a borrowed Super Sport Competition, but this is cheap enough to get me my own. Thanks! Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  7. For those of you not on the Facebook, it appears that Damien is also no longer with the NRA.
  8. Nicely done. I've been on my google machine looking, but nothing was as clear as this. Thanks! PS - What caliber to you run a collet die on after trimming? Blackout?
  9. Just show up last minute Thursday night. You won't be the only one.
  10. What major sponsor?
  11. Surprised its that high.
  12. Run them through a die to expand the case neck a little, and trim to be consistent length. I wouldn't set the shoulder back any, some Lapua is fairly short to begin with. Then load and shoot.
  13. I saw it posted on Accurate Shooter.
  14. Mine wouldnt run some JHPs, but 147gr lead and 147 Extreme round nose ran good. I used Tripp and Metalform mags. I would try loading to 1.130 and see if that helps. You could also get a high hold mag catch. It will hold the mag higher and put the bullet higher on the feed ramp.