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  1. Just finished chrono'ing some 180gr loads for my CZ TSO. These were all loaded with Prima V powder at 4.3 gr and 1.125 OAL Bullet Charge Velocity SD PF Bayou 180 4.3 949.1 5.1 170.838 BBI 180 4.3 950.1 6.4 171.018 BBI 180 4.3 943 6.5 169.74 Bayou 180 4.3 953.9 7.2 171.702
  2. OP hasn't posted in this thread since early May. Perhaps he got the issue resolved. BTW, Tanfarm is correct these if these are 0.358, they are clearly not Bayou 135 9mm, as Bayou advertises their 135's as being 0.356.
  3. I've used N320 in the past, however I'm going to work up a load this weekend using Prima V to see how it works out.
  4. Different guns require different holding/shooting techniques. When I started shooting Glocks, it was always low/left. I've since focused on and improved my grip and general technique such that I'm just a tad low/left with the Glock Point being, had I adjusted my sites, I would not have recognized the root of the issue was with me and not the gun.
  5. If you're looking at the place in eastern PA that's selling TSO's for that coin, I'd suggest ordering one online and having it delivered to your FFL. Wingnut, PM me, if you want a suggestion. I was this close |..| to pulling the trigger for a TSO .40 yesterday (Sunday) from an online dealer for $1700 (shipping included, no tax) and decided to complete the transaction after finishing the local USPSA match that day. However while at the match, I get to talking to one of the gents on my squad and find out he's selling his TSO and TS. Long story-short, I'm picking up a new-to-me TSO and some extra 'stuff' tomorrow. Can't wait to test'er our this weekend!!
  6. I've reloaded Ba9.5, Prima V and N320 for 9mm minor. I've found Prima V and N320 to be very comparable. I started working up loads for Ba9.5, after a few ladders I noticed that it was slower than the other two powders, using the same charge. With no clear advantages for continuing the load development, I stopped. Between Prima V and N320, I prefer the Prima V, as SD, cleanliness, accuracy and charge are very similar and the cost is 1/2 of N320.
  7. @selecw, that lightened slide really makes the pistol unique, first time I've seen that.
  8. Interesting and informative responses. I should add that I'm not prepared to fork over the $2200 for a TSO at the moment, however the alternative is to wait (who knows how long) until more become available at the more (somewhat) reasonable $1500-1600 range.
  9. I like shooting the SP-01 in production, so now I'm looking for a CZ platform to use in limited. Any compelling reasons to get the TS Orange over the standard TS? Looks like the TS can be picked up for ~$1000 and almost nobody has the Orange in stock for MSRP. I found a place where I can order the Orange, but they want like $2200. Not sure if changes are worth that kind of coin over the standard TS.
  10. I run 3.5gr of VV N320 under a bayou or BBI 135gr round. This makes ~135PF from my CZ SP01
  11. I have shot my X-cal at several local matches. Really fun gun to shoot and for me, makes me look a bit better than I actually am:) One thing I did notice, you definitely need to lube the gun more than your typical Glock. I went a few hundred rounds between lubing it and started to get failure to eject malfunctions. Little bit of Mobile 1 on the rotating contact parts of the barrel and breech face (not sure that's necessary is it probably burns off very quickly) and it was good to go. As I purchased this pistol used, I decided to order a set of springs to do a tune-up in the coming weeks. The prices and shipping from Eagle were not half bad; not sure if there's any other place to order replacement parts for this, here in the US.
  12. A few pictures of the ones that are failing along with measurements would be very helpful. I load .40 using both BBI and Bayou coated bullets, no issue with passing my Dillon case gauge or firing in my G35.
  13. Interesting, thanks for sharing. Wonder how (if) this impacts those of us that use coated bullets....
  14. OP send us a pic when you get your rig setup; press and cave that is.
  15. Interesting question...I'll let the smart people chime in now