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  1. Wow, I didn't realize that Bayou discontinued their 124 TCG bullets. I have loaded quite a few of them and was generally pleased with how they perform in my CZ. I'm using 135's now, however would interested to hear the feedback on the new 120 TCGs.
  2. @Eric1231the Dillon powder check will alert you for grossly over/under charged rounds, but isn't designed to identify slightly low/high charges.
  3. My vote is to get a bare bones Dillon 650. You'll have a solid platform to start reloading with and can add the 'extras' later. The ergo handle, case feeder, tool rack/additional tools (basic allens come with the 650), sensors (primer & powder) can all be added at a later date with very little effort. BTW, your current dies should work fine with the Dillon, no need to buy additional dies. Here's (somewhat) a loaded question, ask who on the site regrets purchasing a Dillon... BTW, very neat and organized reloading bench! It shows attention to detail and pride in what you're doing- a '+' in this hobby.
  4. The Dillon 650 is going to be a bit spendy, especially if it comes with a case feeder, which by itself is a $200+. I would not suggest mounting any progressive press to the FA folding bench. I'll bet people have don it, but it looks to be geared towards small single stage presses. Whatever you decide, take the plunge and start making some ammo, you'll be glad you did.
  5. Andis- I tested some BBI and Bayou 180's today, both loaded with 4.5gr of N320 and seated to OAL of 1.14, from by Glock G35. No issues/failures with the BBIs, however I did have a few 'failure to feed' (less than 2 out of 50) with the Bayou bullets. I examined the profiles of the two bullets and it seems there are small differences. I'm going to try loading a bit shorter (with the Bayou bullets) next time, to see if this fixes the issue. BTW, both bullets had comparable velocity and accuracy.
  6. What @Bullets said, although I load a bit longer (1.14)! Shot through my G35.
  7. Cabelas is selling S&B small pistol primers for $20/k. If you use the promo code '57tents' you'll get $5 shipping ($20 hazmat still applies) for orders over $99. And no, I don't work for the company, just wanted to pass along the info to my fellow reloaders
  8. When I load those bullets for my CZ and Glock I set the OAL to around 1.070. They function fine, but don't look the prettiest do to the seating depth of the bullet.
  9. Hell yes, a Dillon is bad, bad on my checkbook. Once I got the Dillon setup, the desire to have additional tool heads, caliber conversion kits, components, etc. was overwhelming. My CC will never be the same
  10. @R1_Demon the 'optimum' OAL depends on the firearm and components used. I ensure my rounds pass the plunk/spin test and work up the powder charge in my loads to hit PF plus a bit of safety margin. Keep in mind, that this sport is not a 'bull's eye' competition.
  11. Regarding the XTP vs. LTC bullets, generally speaking jacketed bullets will require more powder to achieve the same velocity as a lead bullet. The Max load published by VV, seems a bit low at 4.1gr. However work your load up and see what's needed for your gun. Using Bayou or BBI 180gr coated bullets I need closer to 4.5gr of N320 to make PF out of my G35 w/KKM barrel; granted I load a tad longer than 1.126".
  12. Seems like a lot of lubing and work for a straight walled pistol case. Here's my routine on a 650- 1) Decap 2) Wet tumble with synthetic wax during rinse step 3) Resize using a Lee die on Station 1 4) Seat using a Lee die on Station 4 5) Debell/crimp using Lee FCD on Station 5 You could skip step 1 if you'd like. Some folks do this, some don't, I'm not doing commercial scale reloading so I don't mind spending the time doing this. You could just as easily decap in station 1 with either the Lee or Dillon dies.
  13. The answer is 'kinda' both, although you can use the front sight without the pin (I believe the newer accu-shadows with the screw-in bushing forgo to the pin) if you'd like. If you have a pin, you'll definitely want to remove it when replacing either the front sight or the barrel bushing.
  14. Do a search for 'wasp waist' or 'coke bottle' and you'll find plenty of reading. In short, they look different than factory, but function just the same. P.S. I had the very same question a few months back. Decided to use a Lee sizing die with the Dillon seat and crimp dies on 1 tool head, the other is all Lee
  15. Here's my experience comparing a Precision Delta Jacketed hollow point to coated bullets. All testing was done with the same powder, powder charge and fired from the same pistol. Brand Bullet Powder Charge FPS PF Precision Delta 124 JHP N320 4 1040.60 129.03 Precision Delta 124 JHP N320 4 1032.10 127.98 Precision Delta 124 JHP N320 4 1038.73 128.80 Bayou 124 RN N320 4 1065.7 132.14 Bayou 124 TCG N320 4 1074.2 133.2 Bayou 124 RN N320 4 1070.2 132.7 Bayou 124 TCG N320 4 1082.5 134.2