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  1. Hi Kevin, Did you get this worked out? I just tested a BBI 180g over 4.5g of N320 and shot it from my factory G35 barrel. This put me at ~170PF. I didn't see any flattened primers using this load. Looking to work up a load for BBI 165's and N320 next. Average: 944.3 FPS SD: 14.9 FPS Min: 912 FPS Max: 961 FPS
  2. I wonder if the issue with the Lee die is because some of their seating dies also can be adjusted to crimp....
  3. I've loaded Zero and PDs, for me I'll take the PDs. Same performance and quality, little bit better on the wallet. I should add that the pic below is 9mm cartridges, before someone points out the obvious
  4. Looks like the brass is brittle. Perhaps it was processed with a chemical that negatively interacts with the specific components that Federal uses to make their 'brass'...
  5. Noticed this on one of my 9mm tool heads recently too. Subscribing to hear what others think
  6. Dammit, am I the only person that sorta likes the smell of #9 and brake cleaner? Not that I huff the stuff, but the smell doesn't bother me.
  7. I've loaded the Bayou 124 TCG, 124 RN and 135 RN bullets with N320. If you aren't worried about PF, you can make a real soft shooting load that still cycles the slide. At the lower velocities I noticed blackening of the brass, from what I believe to be incomplete sealing of the brass against the barrel during firing, but it didn't impact function; just didn't look great. Seems like you have a bunch of powder at hand, but if you're in the mood to purchase additional powder, look into the Prima V from Vectan. It's more than half the price of N320 ($36 vs $15) and the loads are very similar; in my experience they are the same or 0.1gr off for the same velocity as my N320 loads. I really should stop mentioning Prima V being a good replacement for N320 or it will end up being scarce or more expensive
  8. I've loaded both Winchester and CCI primers on my 650, the only primers that end up sideways are the Winchesters. I don't do anything different (loading speed, primer pickup method, etc.) when loading with one or the other. I suspect there's a slight tolerance difference between the two, my VibraPrime loads the CCIs fine, Winchester not so much- I get a sideways or tilted primer blocking the tube. Currently where I buy they are priced the same, so I just pickup the CCIs, as my guns don't require a Winny primer to ignite the charge.
  9. I haven't done a lot of OAL testing on this round to see what OAL is preferred by my gun. This is what passed the plunk test and shoots reasonably accurate for me.
  10. The OAL will depend upon your pistol. Bayou 135RN in my CZ is loaded to OAL of 1.08 over 3.5g of VV N320. This combo makes PF of ~132
  11. @PaladinPrecision can't help you with those powders. I use N320 and PV mostly for 9mm minor. Your final load recipe will vary based on bullet profile,however ~3.5g of PV or N320 under a 135 coated bullet or ~4.0g under a 124 coated will get you comfortably into minor PF. You'll need to determine what OAL works for your barrel, on mine I need to load deeper for my CZ than I do, say for my Glock.
  12. Now that's some serious brass tumbling!! Nice rig you built there. Surprised to see that small of a direct drive motor without a gearbox spinning those drums.
  13. I found this to be true when testing Ba9.5 & N320 for 9 minor. Prima V at 9 minor, is closer to N320 than Ba 9.5
  14. Ah, that makes things more clear now. Too many similar companies/product names for me to keep straight. At least these two don't have 'tactical' in their names anywhere. ...back to the regularly scheduled program. --->
  15. OP, for grins put a lee sizing die (leave the rest, which I believe are Dillons) on your tool head and see what happens. P.S. I'd wager that the BBI cartridge you posted a pic of earlier was made with your Dillon dies.