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  1. Seems like a lot of lubing and work for a straight walled pistol case. Here's my routine on a 650- 1) Decap 2) Wet tumble with synthetic wax during rinse step 3) Resize using a Lee die on Station 1 4) Seat using a Lee die on Station 4 5) Debell/crimp using Lee FCD on Station 5 You could skip step 1 if you'd like. Some folks do this, some don't, I'm not doing commercial scale reloading so I don't mind spending the time doing this. You could just as easily decap in station 1 with either the Lee or Dillon dies.
  2. The answer is 'kinda' both, although you can use the front sight without the pin (I believe the newer accu-shadows with the screw-in bushing forgo to the pin) if you'd like. If you have a pin, you'll definitely want to remove it when replacing either the front sight or the barrel bushing.
  3. Do a search for 'wasp waist' or 'coke bottle' and you'll find plenty of reading. In short, they look different than factory, but function just the same. P.S. I had the very same question a few months back. Decided to use a Lee sizing die with the Dillon seat and crimp dies on 1 tool head, the other is all Lee
  4. Here's my experience comparing a Precision Delta Jacketed hollow point to coated bullets. All testing was done with the same powder, powder charge and fired from the same pistol. Brand Bullet Powder Charge FPS PF Precision Delta 124 JHP N320 4 1040.60 129.03 Precision Delta 124 JHP N320 4 1032.10 127.98 Precision Delta 124 JHP N320 4 1038.73 128.80 Bayou 124 RN N320 4 1065.7 132.14 Bayou 124 TCG N320 4 1074.2 133.2 Bayou 124 RN N320 4 1070.2 132.7 Bayou 124 TCG N320 4 1082.5 134.2
  5. If you are going to replace the front site, consider installing the Cajun bushing while you're at it. There's a pin that holds both the front site and the bushing in. I used the Dawson fixed rear and fiber front on my SP01. The front site went in easily. The rear was another matter, I didn't have a sight pusher, so I used an aluminum punch and drove it in that way.
  6. I load these with 3.5gr for my CZ. During recent testing, I learned that the SD improved when I shortened the OAL from 1.12 to 1.085. PF increased also, from 132'ish with the 1.12OAL to ~137 at 1.08
  7. Same guy sells those (standard and hardened) on that auction web site; user name is 'guntools'
  8. Can't comment on 'the best' but I will say that I'm satisfied with my Lee carbide 4-die set in .40. I like the micro adjustments on the seating and crimp dies. @hceuterpe I can get rid of those pesky Dillon dies if you need a safe place to dispose of them
  9. 4.5gr of N320 under a BBI 180gr TC bullet gets me an average FPS of 944, which is ~170PF. This is out of a G35 with factory barrel.
  10. Yep Here's the specs for the washer and bearing, if you decide to purchase these components separately. Thrust Roller Bearing Washer, TR Type, Open, Inch, 1/2" ID, 15/16" OD, 1/32" Width Thrust Needle Roller Bearing 1/2 x 15/16 x 5/64 inch
  11. Is there anything under the shell plate and is it tightened down? Make sure the ejector wire isn't under the head of the shell plate bolt. Also, make sure the station 1 locator piece (silver thing the shell rides on going into station 1) isn't installed backwards. It's easy enough to put it in backwards, I know
  12. I normally run a CZ SP01 in production in the local USPSA matches. My CZ has been having intermittent extractor issues, so I'm going to try out the X-cal while I wait for my new extractor spring to arrive. It uses the same mag pouches as the CZ and the used one that I purchased included a holster. Let's see what damage I can do
  13. This is the data from my Prima V 9mm loads. ETA- Didn't measure accuracy with a 'rest' or otherwise. The ones that made PF, I found accuracy to be acceptable for our sport.
  14. I've used Lee seating and crimping (debelling) dies with good results. Course adjustment of the Lee dies are with the die body, same as the Dillons, however the Lees (and others) have a 'micro' adjustment to all small adjustments to seating/crimping without adjusting the entire die body.
  15. Looking forward to seeing your results Darrell, as I shoot many of the same bullets and powder. I'm interested to see how your results compare to mine. Sure wish I was within driving distance to relieve the gent that had the 'junk' prima V powder, of his pain.