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Big Bore

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Shoveled 4 inchs Saturday morning, shoveled 12 inchs today, might be shoveling 4-12 inchs more tommorrow. Hey we have 5 more storms lined up for the next week. Damn I need a snow blower.

Did manage to get the 4 wheeler out and blast thru some drifts.



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I not only hate shoveling snow, I also hate shoveling the snow, ice, compacted snow, and water that the goldurned city plows leave in my driveway and on my sidewalk. I just had gotten my driveway mostly cleared out when the city hired grader came through. My back would only hold up to get one half of the driveway cleared. The other half will have to wait until it melts. Just too far to throw it, unless I put it back on the street and I'm not supposed to do that. Four times already this season they've come through and blocked my driveway. And now about half of the sidewalk is a snow berm. :angry2:

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LMAO funny pic......strange looking swimming pool :blink:

I also HATE shoveling snow :angry2:

OH WAIT :surprise: ..I live in the DESERT...Giggle Giggle He He He He He :goof:

I guess shoveling my little front step every few years dont count :P

Jim :)

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Another foot of snow last night and almost 2 hours shoveling this morning.

Waiting for spring snowblower sale for next year.

Ya'll have snow in Utah ??? :huh::unsure::P

Just a little. :blink:

So far at a job site up at Sundance Ski resort thay have had 18 feet of fresh snow. :surprise:

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