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I am looking for some heavily textured 1911 grips

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I was wondering if they were gator back grips like these here:

Gator Backs at Brownell's

Or if they were simmonich grips:

Simmonich Gunner grips via Brownells

I just remember being impressed by how textured they were when the shooter was given the LAMR command. This was a few months ago. I asked the shooter if I could check out his 1911 and we went over to the safe area to check it out. He told me what they were but for the life of me can't remember what they were.

Do you all know of any other grips textured just as much? They were plastic/polymer. They weren't alumagrips.

Thanks in advance

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I have a set of ERGO Grips on my 1911 Springfield .45, they are slightly thinner than stock grips and have a rough surface, combined with skateboard tape on the front strap the gun is easily controllable. I have no expierience with the brands you mention, but the ERGO's are available through Dillon for around $20.00, they are a hard plastic and you can use the stock grip bushings, screws etc.

FWIW, Robin

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I have the simonich grips on a gun and they are super textured. Nice grips too.

Edited to add.

I got them off a friend that did not like them because they were tearing his hand up.

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If you want the best textured grips on the market, send a PM to VoodooDaddy on the forum. He did my grip on my STI and its the best thing Ive tried. Grip tape custom made for the grips only lasts so long. This stuff is long lasting, Ive had it since September and you cant even see any wear. VoodooDaddy is a little paticular on who he does work for, its quality and precision that he accomplishes and its well worth it. H

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I have always liked the Hogue slabs with the palm swells. I would like to get the VZ or grit style. Does anyone make that style with the palm swells? Sorry for the thread hijack. Thanks.

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