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  1. Hi everyone, I am still fairly new to the action shooting sports. It seems like people are having a hard time finding jacketed bullets for their open guns. Has anyone every tried shooting those moly or poly coated black bullets (BBI, bear creek, or precisions) through their open guns? What were the results like? Thanks in advance.
  2. What was the pricing like on the .40 180 grainers BBI's for example before they stopped taking orders? My usual place for jacketed bullets I used to get in person. That shop is so back orsered now they have no idea when they'll get bullets in next. Looking around internet, the shipping costs are going to kill me. Please tell me some place like BBI's includes shipping in their pricing.
  3. $370 for a case of the 9mm's, is that price including the shipping too?
  4. What is your range's surface like? grass, gravel, bare concrete, dirt, sand?
  5. It is way, way super-hyped. If you have carpet down in your office, I would suggest laying down a sheet or two of plywood, then putting your bench on top of that. Live primers when sucked up by a vacuum while vacuuming the carpets sure do make an interesting popping noise. Like others have already mentioned, do the tumbling and media seperating outside. A few torn up dryer sheets and NuFinish car polish or some solvent will help keep the dust down. Lastly, you can get your kids to a doctor now and get a lead level blood test done on them and yourself. Then you will have a baseline. Then a month from that get the tests redone and look for any changes.
  6. Thanks Rob. I was getting all worked up in a lather. Whew!
  7. Why would you want to join steel challenge if there are no steel challenge clubs in your area? And why for pete's sake would you want to blow 5 grand or more on steel at a club when USPSA/SCSA ain't partly subsidizing the purchase of the steel?
  8. Wait! What?! Huh! Oh, Mr. Rob Boudrie, et. al. you all got some 'splainin' to do? Please, somebody tell me that is just a glitch in the USPSA website software. If it isn't, then I can only assume it is deliberate. Maybe I haven't been reading my Front Sight periodicals closely enough. Was it ever legitimately broadcasted via Front Sight that from here on out you can only have a dual membership at $60 per year? If it wasn't, this is underhanded and/or unethical.
  9. thanks Matt for posting those. Not to be too pickey here but on the steel challenge stages would you please go back in and label which stages were which? I don't want to assume that the first 8 were the same ones from Piru, CA.
  10. at least Jane and a few other people think that a rule book revision is in the works. If you think it is that poorly written of a rule, then go to Jane's forum here: http://rulechat.beachbunnysoftware.com/
  11. If I was an MD for a major match. I would intentionally publish one set of stage descriptions/diagrams in the match booklet or online with the caveat that stages were subject to change at the last minute. Then at the match a stage or three would require the targets get mozambiqued instead of just double tapped or some of the targets would get moved between the arrays, just to throw off these gamey @#$%&^. "Oh, wait! What?! You thought the stages would be better shot with 9 round mags so you left the 10 rounders at home...whooops, my bad. You did see the caveat online where the stage designs/descriptions were subject to change, right?" For ESP and SSP, you only need two mags. 10 + 10 = 20, max round count is 18. It's only the CDP guys who end up short going for the second mag on their belts (9 + 8 = 17). It really is these unethical sorts who make shooting in IDPA a drag. Maybe somebody who lists ESP or SSP on their scoresheets and then puts down a magazine capacity = to just 9, should get a harder look by the SO's/MD's . Which reminds me now, maybe the shooter should be locked in to submitting his magazine capacity on the match entry form. And then the match staff could have the labels already printed out with "Mag capacity = 8", let's say. That way all the labels would have the same mag capacity written on them. I don't know how closely the stats people look at the mag capacity numbers written from one stage to the next.
  12. ammo that is made out of spec. most of the serious guys on this forum reload their own ammo, mainly because of the economy of it and second is to get ammo that fits their guns. i;ll go out on a limb here and say that only about 20% of the reloaders i meet or talk to know what a case gauge is. it is a round cylindrical piece of steel that is machined on the inside just like your barrel's chamber. you drop your reloaded ammo into the case gage. if it fits, it should work in your gun. if it doesn't fit, chances are pretty good it won't work in your gun. the gun will jam. if it is not bad ammo causing the gun to jam, then my #2 guess would be the magazines, then #3 is the shooter, and finally #4 is gun itself
  13. the main spring housing on a Trojan is also plastic, which to me for that kind of money is cheesey as heck
  14. my point being that if you didn't paint between each shooter how could you tell where your bullets hit, in the "bulb" of the popper or not?
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